A Professional Animal Intuitive Shares How to Follow Your Intuition in 2024 Part 2

animal communication animal communication stories animal communicator intuition learn animal communication podcast Jan 24, 2024
Let's Talk to Animals podcast


I hope you enjoyed part 1 of our two-part kickoff to Season 5 of Let's Talk to Animals podcast! 

I have been known to joke that animal communication is the hands-down best life coaching program I have ever found. But I'm really not joking. 

When I started to realize animal communication was happening for me with my pets, and then I began to explore that further by taking classes, studying and practicing, it was like all sorts of dormant bells and whistles within me suddenly came online.

To be honest, this was such a profound experience I now divide my life into two phases: BAC (before animal communication) and AAC (after animal communication).

I am a different human today than I was before I learned to talk to animals. Intuition has been a major driver in my transformation and I want that for you too. 

In part 1 two weeks ago, I shared 5 of my top tips to begin to find, trust and follow your intuition. Why? To make 2024 your BEST year ever. Let's make this year the year you and your pet experience the MOST healing. The MOST joy. The MOST connection. The MOST abundance. The MOST love. The MOST hope. The MOST of everything that makes your life feel so amazingly wonderful and blessed.

For part 2 of this two-part episode, I share five more tools that have literally taken my intuitive perception and abilities to a whole new level. Give them a try and don't let your left brain mind tell you they are too simple. Simple is better when it comes to intuition. The simpler, the clearer, and we are all about finding the clear path that we can follow with confidence throughout our life.

Key topics for part 2 include:

  • The 4 pillars for deep intuitive transformation
  • The difference between sensing and mental knowing
  • A simple way to ground yourself before making any major decisions
  • How to make nonverbal communication cool again
  • Get unclogged intuitively and have FUN doing it!

✨Missed Part 1? Tune in now and grab my other 5 intuitive tips 

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