Shannon Cutts

Animal sensitive & intuitive. Reiki Master. Animal communication teacher.

Talk with your pet. 🌟 Change their life. 🌟 Transform your world together.


Pet parenting today takes a village.


✨It takes a team.✨


For many years before I learned to talk with my pets, I hired animal communicators to be on my pet parenting team.

These compassionate mentors, healers & teachers helped me get all my pet parenting questions answered so I could meet my pets' needs in full

Most importantly, they helped me build deep bonds of trust with my pet family.

I have experienced firsthand the difference animal communication can make in my pets' quality of life, happiness, health and joy.

Why? Because only your pet has the answers you seek.

This means your pet is where you should start when you have a tough challenge, problem or decision to make on your pet's behalf.

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Kimberly Lamaze & Meaux the conure

Shannon was spot on about his personality and passing. Then she took it one step further by revealing my soul lesson and how Meaux is now my Spirit Animal, ready to help me with anything at any time. This session went so much deeper than I expected.
~Kimberly Lamaze

Jenn Asher & Fresa the horse

Shannon zeroed in straight away on the top two areas of focus we had.  I sat with Fresa and watched her expression change as messages were relayed. I was blown away by the accuracy & detail Shannon provided about Fresa & what was bothering her.  
~Jenn Asher

Kristen Evon & Orry the Chiweenie dog

I can’t even begin to thank you for the wealth of information you’ve given me (and Orry!) . It feels like a light came on at the end of the tunnel and we can see a little better what’s to come and how to move forward. You totally nailed SO many points in your session.
~Kristen Evon

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