We have two choices in life: to live as if nothing is a miracle or to live as if everything is a miracle.

~Albert Einstein

Shannon Cutts animal history pics

This "being human" thing isn't so easy.


And if life can get tough for us sometimes, living in a world we have literally reshaped to serve our own kind....


 ....imagine what it can feel like for our pets.

Shannon with Malti and Flash

When I was small, my favorite fantasy was that I was Snow White.

I was always surrounded by a cheerful group of birds and animals who would help me with my work and whistle with me to keep my spirits up.

In this idyllic alternate reality, we were all equals. We could understand each other perfectly. We supported one another fully - no questions asked.


Meanwhile, my outer daily life couldn't have been more opposite.

Bullying. Eating disorders. Depression. Anxiety. Struggles in school. Struggles at work. Struggles in my human relationships.

One life-transforming day I happened upon an article about the HSP, or highly sensitive person. 

Learning about my inherited trait of high sensitivity empowered me to take charge of my outer environment, daily schedule, interactions with others and connection with myself.

It also made me brave. I began to embrace the hidden inner gifts of high sensitivity - intuition, empathy, compassion for others struggling to find their way in a world that isn't set up to play to their strengths.

Looking back now, all signposts were pointing so clearly to the work I do today - intuitive animal communication and Reiki-based energy healing.

Shannon in San Diego
Shannon with Petal soulbird

Along the way, I began to tune in at a really deep level to the unique situation our companion animals are in today.

The truth is, modern pets live their whole lives in an environment and way of life that is essentially foreign to their genetic programming.

Why do they do it? To be with us.

Your animal has willingly made an unprecedented number of sacrifices to be by your side. Now, with animal communication, you can bring more balance to their world and to your life together.

Animal communication also offers you the opportunity to hear from your pet directly about the things that matter most to them in their life with you.

Health and behavior.
Environment and daily schedule.
Activity and enrichment.
Dreams and goals.
End-of-life and transition wishes.
Pet reincarnation and soul contracts.

Insights into your life (trust me - no one knows you better than your pet!)

No more second-guessing. No more gathering opinions from one (human) expert and then another.

No more stressing and struggling and feeling so scared to make the wrong decision when your pet's wellbeing, happiness or health is on the line. 

Animal communication gives you the chance to go straight to the source to get your pet parenting questions answered.

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From my heart,

Love Shannon

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