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A sample of past and upcoming topics.....

  • What is animal communication?
  • How does it work?
  • Who can do it?
  • How can it help?
  • When should you use it?
  • How can it help your pet?


Catch up on all 5 amazing seasons!

Why tune in?

  • You want to know if animal communication & holistic care can help your pet.
  • You are curious about whether you are able to learn animal communication.
  • You are learning how to talk to animals and crave insights from professionals.
  • You are seeking an animal communication teacher, mentor or guide.
  • You want to expand your intuitive abilities to connect with animals & nature.
  • You are fascinated about all things intuitive and love to hear real-life stories.

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I need to tell you how much I enjoy your very educational podcasts. I do lots of energy work, am a Reiki Master, and am opening up more and more to communicating with my dog, horse, pony and cockatiel. You’ve taught me that it’s not just words coming back and forth to communicate care with animals. Anyway, just need to tell you how grateful I am to you for your teachings. 
–Dee Wiet, Woody, Joey, Honey & Trigger

Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful podcast. As someone who has briefly studied animal communication and now does energy healing with animals, I often like to listen to animal communicators speak about their practice. How generous of you to provide communicators & animal healers a platform. Your heartfelt, thoughtful way of engaging with your guests is a gift & I find the depth of the conversations inspiring. –K. Renee

Season 5

  • Is my pet really talking to me? Dealing with doubts in animal communication (July 3)
  • From skeptic to acceptance: one pet parent's animal communication journey (June 19)
  • How I became a professional animal communicator (June 5)
  • An animal communication perspective on sharing our planet with all species (May 22)
  • Talking with wild animals & how it's different from pet communication (May 8)
  • Highly sensitive pets & their parents with Jane Marie (April 24)
  • Working with your light team and animal spirit guides (April 10)
  • Quirky pets and how to help them with Jess & Scott from The Quirky Dog (March 27)
  • Life after traumatic pet death how to recover and regroup (March 13)
  • Coping with pet grief while living with your reincarnated pet (Feb 21)
  • Fast grief recovery after pet death an animal communicator perspective (Feb 7)
  • An animal intuitive shares how to follow your intuition in 2024, part 2 (Jan 24)
  • An animal intuitive shares how to follow your intuition in 2024, part 1 (Jan 10)

Season 4

  • Season FINALE! Shannon answers five FAQ about pet reincarnation
  • Shannon tells the story of how her soulbird Pearl reincarnated as Miss Petal
  • Shannon shares how to use animal communication to meet your spirit guides
  • Shannon talks about using animal communication to help pets in distress
  • Shannon explains energy healing for pets and how it works
  • Shannon guides you to use animal communication tools to talk with backyard wildlife
  • Shannon walks through 4 big reasons you might say no to animal communication
  • Shannon shares essential self-care tools to hear your pet clearly
  • Why give animal communication a try? Shannon proposes 5 reasons
  • Shannon breaks down pet anxiety and shares 3 alternative explanations
  • Shannon welcomes back Joan Ranquet to talk about benefits of EFT tapping for pets
  • Shannon talks with Cindie Carter about how dogs helped her battle cancer
  • Shannon and Karoline Edmonds debrief after Layla’s animal communication session
  • Shannon asks famed animal communication teacher Joan Ranquet how she started 
  • Shannon talks to Pet Parenting Reset’s Jessica L. Fisher about holistic pet coaching
  • Shannon has a heart to heart about rescue pets with Believe In Dog’s Erin Scott
  • Shannon delves into the confusion that surrounds the Highly Sensitive Pet or HSPet
  • Shannon talks with Covered In Pet Hair’s Isabel Alvarez Arata about pet soul contracts
  • Shannon addresses myths & truths about what animal communication can & can’t do
  • Shannon shares what really happens when a pet reincarnates back into a new body
  • Shannon shares a very personal story of how animal communication helped her dog
  • Shannon talks about impossible pet grief and how to get unstuck
  • Shannon talks about pet loss and grief from an animal intuitive’s perspective
  • Shannon talks about developing your interspecies intuitive pathways
  • Shannon talks about teaching the mind to listen to animals
  • Shannon shares her personal story of how she became an animal communicator

Season 3

  • Shannon talks with Ezekiel Ong, Singapore’s animal communications mentor
  • Shannon talks with Diane Budd from Healing Animals
  • Shannon talks with Ute Luppertz from Pets Point of View
  • Shannon talks with Kim Shotola & Allison Culver of The Lightfoot Way
  • Shannon talks with medical intuitive & communicator Laura Marie Appleman
  • Shannon talks with Dr. Renee Tucker of Tucker Biokinetic Technique
  • Shannon talks with Karlene Stange, DVM with Animas Animals
  • Shannon talks with Kevin Ringstaff from Pet Cloud & Pet Memory Project
  • Shannon talks with intuitive Body Talk practitioner GĂŒliz ÜnlĂŒ of Equuarius
  • Shannon talks with Nancy Zidonis & Amy Snow of Tallgrass Animal Acupressure
  • Shannon talks with equine nutritionist Dale Logan
  • Shannon talks with intuitive dog trainer Chrissy Messick, MS, CTC, CPDT-A
  • Shannon talks with Emotion Code & Body Code practitioner Kezia Lechner
  • Shannon talks with holistic veterinarian & bestselling author Dr. Judy Morgan

Season 2

  • Shannon talks with dog trainer and pet intuitive Denise Mange of Pet Prana
  • Shannon talks with UK animal communicator, author & healer Laila Delmonte
  • Shannon talks with animal Reiki Grand Master Diana Seidl
  • Shannon talks with Sammy Thompson, shamanic animal and nature intuitive
  • Shannon talks with Vincenzo Lauria, Soul Level Animal CommunicatorÂź
  • Shannon talks with Stephanie Brown PhD of Soul to Soul Communication
  • Shannon talks with Ginny Jablonski of Heart of the Horse
  • Shannon talks with pet psychic and author Donna Dolittle Hamer
  • Shannon talks with fiction writer and animal communicator Babette Jongh
  • Shannon talks with Judy Ramsey of Heart to Heart Animal Communication
  • Shannon talks with kundalini yogini, pet psychic and medium Diana Delmonte
  • Shannon talks with animal communicator and author David Louis
  • Shannon talks with Cathy Malkin about animal communication and Reiki for pets
  • Shannon talks with India’s own Akshaya Kawle about learning animal communication
  • Shannon talks with pet communicator and energy healer Donna Lozito
  • Shannon talks with pet emotional freedom technique EFT specialist Ferris Jay
  • Shannon talks with return guest and Peace In Passing author Maribeth Decker
  • Shannon talks with pet end-of-life journey specialist Monique Brignoni
  • Shannon talks with pet & people astrologer Diane Samsel
  • Shannon talks with author and tandem soul healer Tammy Billups
  • Shannon talks with shamanic communicator Sage Lewis from Dancing Porcupine
  • Shannon talks with communicator Renee Vos de Wael from Sagittarius Way
  • Shannon talks with animal communicator Elaine Garley of Animal Bridges
  • Shannon talks with pet aromatherapist & herbalist Amy Williams DeLong
  • Shannon talks with German Canadian animal communicator Claudia Hehr
  • Shannon talks with Suze Kenington from Animals In Your Heart
  • Shannon talks with communicator and teacher Kara Udziela from Pet’s Eye View
  • Shannon talks with pet psychic and medium Lisa Brown of Best Day Healing
  • Shannon talks with pet whisperer, author and teacher Sarah-Jane LeBlanc
  • Shannon talks with Rev. Karen Cleveland from One Love Animal Connection
  • Shannon talks with communicator & Cyndi Dale-trained healer Jessica Lindsey
  • Shannon talks with animals in the afterlife author and expert Karen Anderson
  • Shannon talks with Canadian animal intuitive & healer Marie-Lune Fortin
  • Shannon talks with author & communicator Maribeth Decker of Sacred Grove
  • Shannon talks with Animal Communication Collective founder Karen Dendy Smith
  • Shannon talks with animal communicator and meditation teacher Ali Katz
  • Shannon talks with author and animal communication teacher Dr. Cara Gubbins
  • Shannon talks with horse communicator Trisha Wren of Equine Energetics

Season 1

  • Shannon talks with Joanne Yeoh of Animal Communication Insights
  • Shannon talks with lost pets tracker and animal communicator Nita Gomez
  • Shannon talks with returning guest Anne Angelo Webb about pet essential oils
  • Shannon talks with Marcia Zais, pet hospice & death doula and communicator
  • Shannon talks with Kathleen Prasad of Animal Reiki Source and SARA
  • Shannon talks with animal communicator Erin Elam of Whispering Hearts
  • Shannon talks with energy tracker & communicator Ana Maria Vasquez 
  • Shannon talks with animal communicator Rose Proud
  • Shannon talks with animal intuitive & lots pets tracker Melinda Donaldson
  • Shannon talks with Anne Angelo Webb of Intuitive Touch Animal Care
  • Shannon talks with communicator and psychic medium Tami Hendrix of SoulSpeak
  • Shannon talks with Jody Crotty, Soul Level Animal CommunicatorÂź
  • Shannon talks with communicator & lost pets tracker Tim Link of Wagging Tales
  • Shannon talks with communicator Kate Foggo of Barking At the Moon
  • Shannon talks with communicator and teacher Meg Vickell of Modern Day Dolittle

Thanks for listening! :-)

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