A Professional Animal Intuitive Shares How to Follow Your Intuition In 2024 Part 1

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Let's Talk to Animals podcast


Welcome to Let's Talk to Animals podcast, Season 5! I'm so excited to dive into our fifth season together. 

I don't know about you, but 2024 really feels like a tipping point year. We have gone through so much over the last few years, interruptions, changes, losses, transitions, pivots, not to mention a whole lot of face-time with ourselves that delivered insights into areas you might have felt were best left alone.

So here we are. January 2024. A whole huge shiny towering pile of 365 fresh new days to live and shape and experience. Maybe you are charging forward, filled with confidence and enthusiasm. Maybe you are hesitating, still feeling compromised physically, mentally and emotionally by the years just past.

Maybe you are somewhere in between. But I know something that will help this new year full of chances and choices a much smoother ride, and that is intuition.

Once I discovered how to tune in, trust and follow my intuition, I discovered I truly am not alone in charting my course, making choices (on my own behalf, on behalf of my interspecies family), choosing the most positive outlook even in really challenging situations. 

This is why I often (sort of) joke that animal communication is the hands-down best life coaching program I have ever found! 

I want that for you too. This kickoff episode for Season 5 of Let's Talk to Animals podcast is a two-parter designed to help you locate, tap into, activate, trust and follow your own inner guidance system - your inner, inbuilt GPS.

Key topics for part 1 include:

  • How to use emotion to discover the right choice to make
  • What to do when you think you are getting a "sign"
  • The role of personal commitment to YOU in activating intuition
  • Why giving is good, yes, but receiving is gold for intuitive living
  • Why clarifying what you stand for is such a vital part of intuition

✨Stay tuned for Part 2 in 2 weeks (early notification options are below!)

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