Your Pet As Proof You Can Talk to Animals

animal communication Dec 07, 2022
French Bulldog puppy

Animal communication is a universal language all species share in common. This includes human animals. Yet if this is the case, why do so many of us have so little life experience that supports this as true? Animal communicator Shannon Cutts of Animal Love Languages shares one example that all pet guardians have in common as proof that you, too, can talk to animals.


Have you ever wondered how, out of all the animals and all the humans that are alive on this planet, you and your pet actually managed to meet, connect and decide to share your lives together?

It's a pretty jaw-dropping, mind-blowing thing to contemplate.

And, actually, it is a pretty perfect example of animal communication in action.

But wait. Did I just say that you and your pet used animal communication to communicate as you made the connection, recognized each other, made the choice to be together?

Yes. I did.


In my experience, animal communication is a universal language that all animal species share in common. And that includes us - you and me - the human animals. It is for ALL of us to use and benefit from.


So then why don't you have any proof of your innate birthright interspecies communication abilities?


Actually, you do.


You see, animal communication is an intuitive language, a sensory language, an instinctual language. Aspects of interspecies communication are hard-wired into your fight-flight-freeze survival system - the system that senses what is good and what is not good and chooses accordingly in a split second, keeping you alive nearly in spite of yourself.


Most importantly for our discussion here, animal communication makes use of a heart-centric, right-brained communication pathway that has always been a part of your basic operating system. Not only has it always been there, but it has also always been at least minimally operational.


If you have ever - even once in your life - had a gut instinct, a vibe (good or bad), a hunch, a sense of deja vu or foreboding; if you have ever responded to somebody with the words "I knew it!" without knowing exactly how you knew whatever-it-was....well, that is your interspecies communication pathway hard at work on your behalf.


Does it matter that here we are just talking about human animal to human animal connections? Not a bit. Interspecies communication works with all animals, including both human animals and non-human animals. It also works with plants, insects, water bodies, land masses, our planet and even rocks.


You use this intuitive pathway to some degree when communicating with your partner, your kids, your siblings, your parents, your colleagues, your boss at work, strangers.


And you use it with your pets. You use it when the vet tells you they are fine and you keep looking for input anyway. You use it when you unwittingly broadcast "bath-time!" through your mental pictures and then spend the next few hours playing hide-and-go-seek with your unenthusiastic animal.


And you definitely use it when you meet a new animal and say "yes" to the connection even as your mind is downloading its list of very good reasons why "no" is a much wiser and more mature response.

Your heart has access to information your mind cannot quantify and thus will not consider.

If you still don't believe me, go find your pet right now. Look them in the eye. Think back to the day you said yes to adding them to your family. Now ask yourself why. Why did you say yes?


Your mind will probably start kicking out handy responses like "because s/he was abandoned or needed me or was hungry or would have died or was lonely or needed medical care no one else would agree to pay for."


And I submit those are all very good reasons. But they are not "the" reason. Why did you say yes? Truly? Really? Why did you say yes?


When all the other answers have been tried and rejected, only one answer remains. Love. That is why. You cannot have intuition without love. Love is the key that opens up your intuitive pathways, decodes and translates otherwise incomprehensible sensory impressions, elevates your awareness to the point where you can see how your life might intersect for the good with the life of another.


This is when you are able to meet and recognize members of your soul family and individuals with whom you have existing soul contracts, regardless of species. This is a place where saying yes feels like flying - so free from small, selfish fears that you can hardly remember what it feels like to feel afraid at all.


If you can feel love (and if you are still reading this I have no doubt that you can indeed, and feel it greatly), you too can communicate with animals. Any animals. All animals. Human and non-human animals.


Would you like to learn? It would be my honor to teach you.


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