Working with Your Light Team and Animal Spirit Guides

animal communication animal communicator animal spirit guides animal totems pet death pets in spirit podcast talk to animals vlogcast Apr 10, 2024


Welcome back to Season 5 of the Let's Talk to Animals podcast! 

This week we have a very special episode to introduce you to your personal pet parent light team AND your animal spirit guides.

If you are missing your pet who has passed into spirit, you will especially want to tune into this episode because it offers you a very powerful way to reconnect and keep deepening your relationship.  

This episode also introduces you to one of what I call your "pet parenting superpowers."

Because your light team and your animal spirit guides can help you work through all kinds of challenges with your pet such as health issues, behavior problems, trauma and anxiety, end of life planning and SO much more. 

In this episode, we cover:  

  • What is your light team?
  • What kinds of things can your light team help you with?
  • What are animal spirit guides?
  • How can animal spirit guides help you?
  • How can you connect with your light team and animal guides?
  • Is there a difference between animal guides and animal totems?
  • How can you simplify the process of asking your light team for help?
  • And much more! 

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