Who Can Talk to Animals With Animal Communication?

animal communication Jul 14, 2021
Dog and cat on floor together

Who can talk to animals? Can you do it? Can I? Can anyone be an animal communicator? And how do we know for sure?


These are the questions that I used to wrestle with before circumstances set me firmly on the path to becoming an animal communicator. What I mean is, I used to hire animal communicators. I never thought I could BE an animal communicator.

The reason for this is simple. I had never tried. I had never just sat myself down and asked myself if there was any other way to communicate - to have a conversation - beyond spoken words in my native language.


Most importantly, I had never taken the time to tune in to all the other ways information can be sent and received.


Seeing. Hearing. Smelling. Tasting. Sensing. Feeling. Knowing.


So what changed? How did I begin to know wha I had not previously known? Well, one day I had an epiphany. I was in the midst of my daily meditation when all of a sudden I heard an inner voice speak these words....


"You are an animal sensitive."


Um, cool?


I wasn't sure what to make of it. "Animal sensitive" sounded pretty neat, though.


Naturally my mind started reasoning its way to an explanation of sorts, highlighting how I have cohabitated with companion animals for four decades, how I've often felt more at home and included sitting on the lawn amidst a flock of starlings than in group situations with my own species, how my family currently includes four species other than my own.....


But that didn't feel like the whole story.


As I pursued this thread further, I found myself enrolling in animal communication lessons and, eventually, taking a BIG DEEP BREATH and talking to an actual animal.


It was pretty, well, anti-climatic. What I mean is, it was a conversation. And I've been having conversations since I learned to talk. The main difference was that this time I was chatting with a being whose species was different than my own.


There was another important difference, too. For this pivotal conversation, I was talking with a conscious awareness of using all my senses - eyes, ears, nose, touch, feelings and gut instincts - to send and receive information. Because of this, I was receiving a lot more information than I usually received. I passed it along to the animal's human, who verified it.


But was this early slam-dunk experience just beginner's luck?


If it was, it was because I can into that very first conversation free of expectations or preconceived notions. So I was fully open to receiving - to hearing - what the animal wanted to share with me. In every other way I can no longer explain it as beginner's luck since it just keeps happening with every animal I talk with.


Does this mean I am special - that I have a special gift - that I can do something not every other Homo sapiens can do? No, no and no.


Animal communication taps into the universal language of all species. It is the language of survival. It is the language of the greater food chain o' life. It is the language of the gut, of intuition, of evolution.


In that very first conversation I had with an animal, my very first thought was "everyone can do this!" And we can. I can. And you can.


The difference between me and somebody who has never had this experience is that when I became aware of this ability within myself, I took it at face value (i.e. I didn't discount it or try to explain it away as other than what it was - a genuine awakening to dormant yet innate abilities I could develop and make use of.)

I then decided to apprentice myself to an experienced animal communicator who could teach me how to use these abilities to have interspecies conversations.

When I was little, I went to school to learn how to read, to write and to converse using these tools. As an adult, I went back to school to learn how to see, hear, smell, taste, feel and sense and add these tools to my conversational toolkit.

Everybody can do this. It is our birthright and a language we share in common with all of life.


P.S. By the way, even though I now work as a professional animal intuitive, I also still hire animal communicators from time to time. Why? Because sometimes I am too close to a situation that is going on with one of my own animals, be it grief, behavior problems, health issues, the addition of a new interspecies family member or something else. In these cases, I gain clarity and insight by asking a fellow animal communicator to facilitate our conversation. As a bonus, I always learn something valuable and new about talking to animals from these experiences.


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