What Is It Like to Talk to Animals With Animal Communication?

animal communication Oct 13, 2021
little girl talks to horse

Do you just walk around all the time hearing all the animals? How do you know it is your animal talking and not somebody else? Do animals ever not want to talk to people? Get your burning questions about animal communication answered!


I don't walk around all the time hearing all the animals.

But that is just me.


But when I was first starting out, I actually had the opposite experience.


Here is why.


As a wide-open empath and psychic, I was constantly tuning in to the non-verbal elements of interspecies communication. And I didn't yet know how to fine-tune my radio dial to get ONLY the one specific channel I was trying to listen to.


So I would get all this "feeling" data and wasn't sure who it belonged to. But I wasn't really getting words, verbal information. Even today, the majority of my intuitive work comes in the form of feeling and knowing - deep gut intuition kind of stuff. I do get words and short phrases, but it isn't my default way of working.


This is a BIG thing to understand when you are starting to learn to talk to animals.


Here is why: you might be more like the animal communicators I know who did start out hearing the animals talking all the time. Or you might be more like me, starting out by picking up broadband emotional and intuitive broadcasts. Or you might have even a different experience than these.


There are as many ways to tune in with animals - including human animals - as there are animals to communicate with.


Another biiiiiig question people often have when they work with an animal communicator is "how do I know it is really my animal speaking?"

To this I say "great question!" Because you won't - not at first.

Or at least your head won't know. This isn't a thing you can intellectually power through. It is a question only your gut can answer.


The people I work with know I am tuning into their animal because of the information the animal gives me to confirm this. Sometimes the confirmation comes in the way the animal says something - a turn of phrase or delivery method only that person would understand.


At other times proof comes from a behavior the animal shows me or, in the case of animals who have crossed over, the people and animals who show up with them on the other side.


Proof that this is "your animal" we are talking with comes in all kinds of ways.


Ultimately, as an animal communicator, I am just a bridge connecting your animal with you. If I do my job well, you will not only feel it in your gut that it is your animal, but you will also learn something new about your animal that feels totally authentic and true.


Finally, I'd like to take a moment to talk about animals who don't want to talk.


It does happen. While I haven't yet encountered an animal who simply refuses to communicate at all, I have worked with animals that I would describe as reserved. Sometimes the animal is just chomping at the bit to communicate. Sometimes, it can feel like trying to get old bubble gum off your shoe when you are trying to talk to an animal. One isn't "better" than the other. They are just different ways of communicating.


And sometimes, not communicating IS communicating.


Animals do not waste words, or feelings, or any sensory communications. This is what makes talking to animals such a joy. Animals speak when there is something to say that can improve the connection to their person.


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