Team Golden Lemonade's Story: Animal Communication Supports Dock Diving Dogs

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Team Lemonade of Joasis Dock Diving

Just like elite human athletes, elite canine athletes need a lot more than just physical fitness to keep winning. For the dock diving dogs of Joasis, animal communication has been a huge part of maintaining their championship status and their family bond.

Dock diving. When I first met Goose, Dr. Watson and Tormund and their humans, Jo, Jaxon and Linda, I had no idea canine dock diving was even a thing.

And I certainly had no idea that we had real live furred Olympians right in my own backyard!

A little backstory

Jo and I met at a dog rescue charity event. I had come to volunteer and she was one of the organization's founders. When I walked up to introduce myself and share what I do, she said, "I've been looking for an animal communicator and now here you are!"

Jo didn't know it at the time, but when I arrived at her house a few weeks later, it would be the first time I had EVER conducted an in-person (as opposed to virtual) animal communication session....or should I say sessions, because she wanted me to talk with all three of her Golden retrievers, Goose, Dr. Watson and Tormund. 

So I might have been just the teensiest bit nervous. 

But that shifted instantly as we headed out to the backyard, where Jo gave me a brief tour of Joasis, her dock diving business and the very site where her three fur champions practiced their sport every afternoon. I kid you not - literally everywhere I turned there were wet noses and paws and enthusiastic greetings and love with fur.

I was having so much fun I nearly forgot why I was there. 

Talking with Dr. Watson

At last we settled down to chat. Jo and her super-supportive mom Linda faced me as I dropped into the quiet inward space required for intuitive animal communication.

What happened next was nothing short of remarkable. 

Dr. Watson, supermodel matriarch of the canine clan, shared an image with me. She was seated around a table with Jo and Linda and they were taking afternoon tea. And not just any afternoon tea, either, but a real English high tea complete with fine china tea cups and little porcelain saucers. There was such a sense of collective wisdom about this soul gathering of strong women.

It took all my concentration to remember that one of their number was a dog. 

Dr. Watson emphasized how honored she felt to be a part of such a power trio. She told me she took her role as matriarch and protector very seriously and seldom wavered from her "watchdog" role within the family.

So imagine my surprise when Jo tearfully responded that she had felt Dr. Watson was standoffish and only tolerated her! Jo was moved to tears to hear Dr. Watson's very different account of the dynamic between them.

A glowing Dr. Watson after getting a well-deserved massage treatment

Talking with Gooseman

Fast forward a few months. I was on my way back to Jo's. This time, she was very concerned about Gooseman, or Goose as she loved calling him. Goose, her championship dock diving, record-setting sprinting, all around super-athlete, had suddenly changed his behavior.

Several thousands of dollars in exploratory veterinary bills later, she still had no clue as to why.

Right away, Goose let me know he was shifting into a more senior "father figure" role within their family. He and Dr. Watson had had puppies. Twice. Tormund, his once little roly-poly son, was now all grown up and a champion athlete in his own right. And Rosie, his little girl from litter #2, had joined their clan. 

It was time for Goose to man up, he told me. No more silly Goose. Goose-MAN had arrived.

Team Lemonade's champ Gooseman with proud mama Jo

Talking with Tormund

Yet no sooner had Jo's peace of mind returned than it was gone again. This time, it was Tormund exhibiting mystery behaviors, trying to hump Goose, giving Rosie the cold shoulder, and - extreme of extremes - refusing to get into bed with everyone else (yes, including Jo) at night. He would stand beside the bed to wish Jo goodnight and then plop down next to the bed instead of climbing in as usual.

Jo was very upset and worried. Several expensive yet inconclusive veterinary tests later and I was back, sitting with Jo and supportive mom Linda at Jo's gorgeous hand-hewn oak table.

Tormund got right to the point. The first thing he said to me was, "Tell Mom no more tests. I don't need tests. I'm fine." 

He then proceeded to explain that, much as he loved being a part of "Team Golden Lemonade," as Jo calls her elite canine squad, he was starting to wonder what the future held for him. Living with Mom, Dad and little sister was great, but he was a grown male dog now....and (ahem) intact.

(Can anyone say "puppies on the brain?")

Worse, he had seen the transformation and maturation in his dad, Goose, and mom, Dr. Watson, after they had been able to have puppies together. He wanted me to tell Jo that he suddenly felt unsure of his place in the pack and - to be honest - in his world. 

So he was keeping his distance. Giving himself some time and space. Reassessing. And....asking.

Young adult man Tormund with his little sister Rosie

Animal communication has changed this family's life

In all three of these animal communication sessions for Dr. Watson, Gooseman and Tormund, I have been privileged to receive not just amazing soul-level shares from each dog, but also to be allowed into this family's behind-the-scenes world to see the impact animal communication has made in their life together.

The post-session behavior changes alone have been nothing short of profound. 

In Dr. Watson's case, the whole family felt the dramatic shift when Jo finally understood how her mama dog saw her place and role in their family. She protects. She keeps watch. It is just what she does - it is not something Jo asked her to do, but she does it anyway. Her reasoning? It is just what good moms do.

Now, Jo thanks her every day and feels such profound love radiating back to her from her pretty, proud and powerful canine matriarch.

In Gooseman's case, the family was able to drop worry and anxiety and shift into allowing for a very natural post-puppies evolution in their family dynamic.

Witnessing the radiant joy and deep fulfillment Dr. Watson and Goose have displayed through the opportunity to become parents (first by accident and then by design) has changed everyone for the better...and opened up some exciting new possibilities for their future together.

Speaking Tormund's specific case, hearing about her precious fur boy's uncertainty around his place in their shared world has allowed Jo to give him the space he needs right now and also begin to contemplate how to perhaps make Tormund's puppy dreams come true.

Rarely do I receive the chance to follow an interspecies family so closely and be so much a part of their relational daily life together. But when I do, as I have with Jo, Linda, Jaxon (Jo's human son), Gooseman, Dr. Watson, Tormund and now Rosie, I see firsthand the awesome power of animal communication to transform lives.

Joasis's Team Lemonade in one of their (many) glamour shots together

Animal communication's impact in Jo's own words

I could keep on typing, sharing one amazing story after another about the dedication, hard work and unconditional love this family has for each other and the undeniable impact Jo's openness to animal communication has had upon them all. 

But I will stop now and let Jo herself share what animal communication has meant in their lives (just click HERE or on the image below to watch Jo share her insights).

Click to watch Jo's testimonial


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