From Skeptic to Acceptance A Pet Parent's Animal Communication Journey

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Let's Talk to Animals podcast


Welcome back to Season 5 of the Let's Talk to Animals podcast! 

In this episode, I talk with Emmy Award-winning journalist, storyteller, podcaster and pet parent Nancy Aziz about her personal animal communication journey. Learn along with me as we talk through:

  • How to move through initial disbelief or skepticism to find openness to intuition-based practices such as animal communication
  • When is the right time to invite an animal communicator into the mix to support your pet through challenges and various life stages
  • What to think through as you choose an animal communicator to work with
  • How to make the best use of the information an animal communication session may provide about your pet
  • Advice, guidance and practical tips to guide you as you include animal communication in your pet parent toolkit

We also enjoy sharing stories about how animal communication has helped us in our mutual pet parenting journeys. 

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