Signs Your Pet Wants to Return Through Pet Reincarnation

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pet reincarnation

Shadowy images moving just past the edges of where your eyes can see. Faint sounds that could be barks, chirps, meows, whinnies. Physical sensations so slight yet still felt - whiskers brushing your legs, tiny claws gripping your fingers. A slight depression and warmth on a favorite pillow. Is that your departed pet trying to reach out to you? Or just your aching heart seeking escape from pet grief?  Animal communicator Shannon Cutts with Animal Love Languages talks about pet reincarnation and signs to watch for that your departed pet wants to return.

I always tell my pet parent clients that just signing up to be a pet parent automatically makes you brave. No doubt about it. 

But pet grief? That is like brave on steroids. 

More and more, my pet parent clients are coming to me asking about pet reincarnation. The grief of losing their soul pet is that deep. It feels unimaginable to spend the rest of their life apart. 

The good news is, they don't have to. You don't have to either. 

Pet reincarnation is not as woo-woo as it may sound. It is really pretty practical.

This aside, the biggest challenge I see that many modern pet parents have to push through is old conditioning, indoctrination by others or lingering impressions from childhood religious beliefs that claim - without any solid evidence, mind you - that reincarnation absolutely positively definitively does not happen, cannot happen, will not happen.

(Although by the time a pet parent reaches out to me for help calling their pet back through pet reincarnation, they have usually resolved these types of questions.)

Happily, for those willing to look, there is also quite a bit of data to support that reincarnation is possible, happens all the time and is for our highest individual and collective good.

How could reincarnation be for your highest good and your pet's highest good?

The word "pet" means something specific and special

I once asked the animals why we call them "pets." You know what they told me?

The word "pet" means Partner. Empathic friend. Teacher. 

So when you have a pet companion, this means you have a soul contract with an animal spirit who comes into your life to help you evolve.

But that animal spirit also comes to this Earth plane to receive your help so they can learn lessons, grow and evolve themselves.

And since there is only so much learning, growing and evolving any soul can do in one lifetime, often multiple lifetimes are needed.

This is true for us. It is also true for our pets. It is good for us to let our pets partner with us, offer us empathy in the form of unconditional love, and teach us how to be better humans by loving them back. 

And it is equally good for our pets to experience being seen and heard and valued for who they are, especially in this world where being human is often viewed as the "best" species to be. 

Pet reincarnation is good for you & good for your soul pet

This is one way pet reincarnation is good for you and good for your soul pet. 

It is also why pet reincarnation is much more common than most pet parents realize. We all have a lot of learning and growing and evolving to do.

And it is why I encourage my grieving pet parent clients to open their hearts to pet reincarnation. The truth is, even if your soul pet really wants to return to you in a new body, they can't if you are not open to it or do not believe it is possible.

In that case, either your pet will return in a new body and go to somebody else, or they will stay in spirit and work to try to open you up to welcoming them back.

So let's talk about some signs your pet is trying to let you know they want to reincarnate back to you.

Signs your soul pet wants to reincarnate back to you.

1.  You keep feeling like your pet wants to reincarnate.

You probably won't be able to explain why you feel this way. You have what I call an "inner vibe" or a deep knowing. This type of knowing bypasses your rational mind and so it can't talk you out of this hunch or vibe that you have. 

2. Suddenly it seems like everyone around you is talking about reincarnation.

Maybe it is a blog post that crosses your social feed - like this one, perhaps! Or a book falls off a shelf and hits your foot. Or your friend or partner tells you about a new series all about the afterlife and reincarnation. Or you are waiting in the doctor's office and open up a magazine to the exact page of an article about reincarnation stories. When your soul pet wants to get your attention, these are easy ways they can manipulate the energy from the other side to reach you.

3. You have a dream your pet in spirit is with you.

This could be a dream where your pet is with you as they were in their body and it feels really real. Or it could be a dream where your pet comes back to you in a new body. Or some variation thereof.

When my mom's soul dog died, I had a dream where he brought me to a puppy with a very distinctive white streak on his chest. The next day I learned that my mom was already talking to the breeder about adopting a puppy with a white streak that they weren't going to show!

4. Something very special that you and your pet shared keeps happening.

Maybe it is a color, or a flower, or a treat, or a memory, but it keeps repeating and repeating and repeating. I have one pet parent client whose soul cat keeps sending her sunflowers. Everywhere she goes, sunflowers are there in so many different forms, from jewelry to paintings to emojis to the actual flowers.

5. Your pet flat-out tells you they are coming back.

This happened to me with my soul bird Pearl. He told me he was "rushing right back." Then he told me he would be a ladybird this time, his name would be Petal, and he showed me an all-yellow bird. That all-yellow bird turned out to be his surrogate mom. It is a pretty amazing story! You can get the full scoop on this podcast episode

Are you receiving any signs that your soul pet who died wants to come back to you through pet reincarnation? I can help.


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