Rudy's Story: Look for Me in the Sunflowers Mom

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Rudy cat Alison Gledhill

All loss is heartbreak. No matter who you talk to and what kind of loss they have suffered, it is always the same. Hearbreak. But sudden loss can be particularly challenging - the shock itself is a big part of the reason why this type of loss can feel so hard to bounce back from. Hear how one brave pet parent turned to animal communication to help her keep moving forward after her soul cat passed suddenly.

I opened my email inbox and read these words:

"48 hours ago my vibrant, young & beautiful baby died suddenly and without warning. We were having a perfectly normal day, he was sitting on the couch with me and moments later he let out a low moan and was gone within seconds."

It hit me like a golf club to the gut.

Not so many months prior, I lost my own soul pet in quite a similar manner.

And (to be honest), although he quickly reincarnated back to me in a new body, even today there are parts of me still playing catch-up from the sheer shock of it all.

Much like me with my Pearl, Alison's Rudy had transitioned without prior warning. Like me, she was reeling.

And yet....I found her grounded request inspiring.

In her own words.....

"Honestly, I am just looking for some relief from my deep grief. Being able to find some kind of meaningful connection to him in the spirit realm right now would give me a lot of peace. By meaningful, I hope to receive some kind of specific tidbit of information in this reading that lets me know it is really him and that maybe, through that, I can foster a different kind of relationship with him in his spirit form. I would be deeply honoured to reunite with him in a new reincarnation but I won't use that to bypass the process I am going through now."

Can I just say.....WOW.

She also wanted to know if he would be sending her signs and, if yes, how to recognize those signs.

I tuned in with Rudy and asked him for any insights he could share.

Rudy's transition story

Right away, he let me know that it was no accident he transitioned the way he did or when he did. When I asked what happened, he simply replied, "My heart hiccupped and then the spirit trolley came along and I jumped on."

Clearly, this wasn't Rudy's first rodeo. 

The animals have taught me that, just like people, pets come to this earth plane at all different stages of soul evolution and for all kinds of different reasons. Some are shiny new souls while others are seasoned veterans. Rudy's response carried the unmistakable energy of the latter. 

In that regard, he and Alison made a great match.

But unlike some advanced animal souls who only pop in here or there as earth angels to humans or for rare personal growth reasons of their own, Rudy was already making plans to return - not right away, mind you, but in the not-too-distant future. 

He showed me that he came into his earthly body with the blueprint for what he called "the big hiccup" already in place. It was to occur in his sixth earthly year. After it occurred, he would take a period of time on the spirit-side to regroup in what he called his "vacation home."

As I shared with Alison, this wasn't the first time a pet in spirit had described the spirit side like their vacation home.

What I have learned from the animals is that our pets in general maintain a higher, lighter, purer vibrational frequency than most humans can easily achieve, let alone maintain. So unlike us, our pets remain closer to the spirit side even while they are embodied. They do not so readily forget where they come from or develop a fear of returning to it as we more mental-focused human animals tend to do.

Rudy's return

I wanted to learn more about Rudy's preparations to return and so did Alison.

When I asked, Rudy shared that he would be returning once again as a cat because he loved (LOVED) being a cat. He began to outline some of his many appealing qualities, giving examples like "smart, beautiful, adventurous, playful, curious, cuddly, sensory, self-assured."

Then he said he was planning to (his own charming words here) "order all of these qualities again" in his next cat body.

But in the meantime, Alison had some work to do.

Rudy made it clear that the shock wave to her system generated by his death had a purpose all its own. He described it as a sudden tornado that had initiated a very positive pattern interrupt in Alison's life - an up-rising that could lead to new awareness and expansion and also a creative transformation for her. 

In the meantime, Alison also wanted to know what it was like for Rudy on the spirit side - was he at peace? Free from pain? Happy?

Rudy's reply made it clear she could put her worried mind at ease. As long as I live, I will never forget his description of his spirit-side home:

"I am in my light body here. And if there is anything better than being in a cat body, it is being in a light body. I can do anything. I can go anywhere. I can. I can be in multiple places at once. I am full of light and I'm beautiful. I'm beautiful and I can see the light in everyone and everything, and I can see it with my eyes. I can see it with my spirit eyes. Everyone is beautiful, everything is beautiful. I see the possibility, I see the light and I see the hope in everyone and everything, and I want that for you, Mom. I want that for you."

Soul contract wisdom

When I asked Rudy about his soul contract with Alison, he made it very clear he hand-picked Alison to be his person. I asked him why - what drew him to Alison in particular - and he said "her wisdom." He told me, "Her wisdom made me fall in love with her." 

Intriguingly, he said he knew Alison was "the one" when he felt an inner click and his heart skipped a beat. He entered the earth plane with a "heart hiccup" and he exited it the same way. Rudy wasn't leaving any aspect of his entry and exit plan to chance.

He went on to share that part of his ongoing soul contract with Alison is to encourage her to recognize her wisdom, expand her use of it and share it - he said he wanted her to "let it out." Rudy was crystal clear about his deep desire to help Alison realize the highest vibration expression of who she can be. And he told me to tell her, "Move your body, shake it off, breathe, hydrate. We're going to get through this."

As Rudy was sharing this message, all of a sudden, right out of the brown dusty whirling tornado spinning inside Alison's soul, I began to see a crop of bright daisy-yellow sunflowers emerge. These sunflowers were growing very tall very fast and the message they brought was one of creative self-expression, evolution, expansion - the same feeling you get when you see a giant sunflower and how they just light you up inside.

Not long after our session, Alison emailed me to tell me that all of a sudden she was seeing sunflowers everywhere. She said it started right after she listened back to our session and it had not stopped. 

Sunflowers everywhere

Alison's email couldn't have been clearer. Rudy was alive and well on the spirit side and their connection was not just intact but perhaps even stronger.

"Hi Shannon! A few weeks ago you read for me and my beloved soul cat Rudy who died suddenly in July. All this time in my head I have been trying to craft a letter for you to express how profoundly meaningful the reading was to me. You seemed to really see me and what was happening with my soul and you spoke of "sunflowers" rising above a wind storm. Moments after listening to your reading, I walked into a thrift shop and the first thing I saw was a gold sunflower necklace. Then I turned to my right and saw a large sunflower and next to it, a gold cat brooch. Since that time, sunflowers have been the sign between me and Rudy and I see them everywhere I go. Your reading set me on a trajectory of communicating with Rudy in spirit and keeping that connection alive while also powerfully communicating some things that have been going on internally with me about my life's path. Last week I had been crying about Rudy, lighting a candle on his altar and talking to him, I looked outside my window and a giant rainbow appeared! It felt so profound and I wondered if this could be a sign? What did I see when I looked to the right of my balcony? A giant sunflower! I have many more examples like this. I can't thank you enough! ~Alison

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