Quirky Pets and How to Help Them with Jess & Scott from The Quirky Dog

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Let's Talk to Animals podcast


Welcome back to Season 5 of the Let's Talk to Animals podcast! 

Anxious dogs. Reactive dogs. Dogs bearing behavioral scars from past trauma, abuse or rehoming. Sometimes these canine quirks are easy to resolve.

But sometimes our pets need more from us, their pet parents, to overcome quirks arising from selective breeding, high sensitivity, anxiety and other bumps in the road.

  • When is one intervention, such as dog training or western veterinary care, enough?
  • When is it time to look at other options such as holistic vet care or energy healing?
  • What is the role of pet parent intuition in creating your dog's support team?
  • How can animal communication be part of the solution for your quirky pet?

I talk with celebrated canine experts Jess & Scott from The Quirky Dog about all of these questions and so much more.

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