Presents for Pets: An Animal Communicator Investigates

animal communication pet gifts pet holidays pet presents Dec 06, 2023
Presents for pets an animal communication perspective

81 percent of pet parents say having a pet makes their holiday better. 80 percent of the same say they see their pets as full-fledged family members AND that they plan to purchase a holiday present for their pet. This makes the pet industry deliriously happy, of course. But what about the pets? Are they happy - happier - when we give them holiday gifts? Do they even understand what a "gift" is? Animal communicator Shannon Cutts investigates how our pets feel about getting presents from us.



So here's a question for you....

Have you ever bought your pet a gift? Perhaps for their birthday, holiday, gotcha day, or for some other occasion? If you haven't actually bought your pet a gift, have you perhaps at least thought about it?

I know I'm not the only one. :-)

With the holiday season once again upon us, recently I got to our pets understand "gifts?"

What I mean is, do they get it - the whole concept of gift-giving, how it is different from the regular stuff we give to them and do for them, why giving a gift is special to us, why it is important for us to include them in the gift exchange?

So I did what any animal communicator worth their job description would do in this situation.

I decided to ask them.

Yup. I asked the pets about our gift giving customs and practices. I invited their insights and questions as well. And now I'd like to share their responses with you.


NOTE: Each of the following questions is directed to the collective consciousness of all companion animals to humans, otherwise known as "pets."

Do you understand what a "gift" is?

We do understand, but not in the intellectual way that you do. What we tune into is your feeling state - your emotions. To us, anything given with love, with tenderness, with attentiveness, is your equivalent of a "gift."

So we are giving you gifts all the time, every day - is that accurate?


But do you perceive the difference between these regular daily gifts and gifts we give you on special occasions?

Not always.

I'm not sure I understand. Can you share more about this?

Your love for us has different colors - different flavors if you will. There is the calm and confident love when you serve our meals, play with us, tend to us. This kind of love feels comfortable and safe to receive and we enjoy it.

Then there is a different flavor of love that happens sometime. It almost feels anxious or anticipatory and we have your full attention, but in more of a "high alert" kind of way. You are watching us and we are watching you. We are not sure why or what is about to happen.

Can you give me examples of times you feel this other kind of love from us?

We feel it when you take us to the veterinarian. We feel it when you are about to leave us for awhile (to travel). We feel it when you have visitors. There is an anxious or anticipatory quality to your love and attentiveness. It makes us more alert and puts us on our guard.

That doesn't sound like a comfortable experience. What can we do to make holiday gift giving more enjoyable for you?

Notice your feelings before you give us the gift. Take a few deep breaths and pretend you are just giving us our regular food you know we enjoy or a favorite toy you know we love. Sit for a moment after you breathe and connect to the love you feel for us every day. This has a calming effect on your nervous system and brings you into the more relaxed love-feeling we enjoy.

Also, it would really help us enjoy it more if you give us the gift in private and not as part of a group gathering. The energy and emotion of the group is overwhelming enough for us - even if we are outgoing and love that experience. Make giving the gift a special experience we share only with you.

Do you like it when we give you toys and treats? (in general, not just on holidays)


Of all the gifts we give you every day and on holidays, what is your favorite gift?

Your appreciation. When you see us fully and appreciate our efforts to fit into your human world.


P.S. I'd really love to hear what you think! Do you feel like your pet understands what is happening when you give them a "special" gift? Drop me a comment below to share your experiences of giving your pet a gift and offer your insights into how our pets view presents. 

P.P.S. I intentionally did not address the controversial custom of giving pets AS holiday gifts in this particular post. That topic deserves its own separate conversation and blog post. 

Would you like to talk with your pet about anything to do with the holidays - how your schedule may change, what gifts would be meaningful to them, what to expect if you are having guests to your home or leaving them in another person's care to travel? Animal communication can help.

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