Pet Reincarnation What Is It and How Does It Work

animal communication pet reincarnation Mar 22, 2023

Will Rogers once said, "If dogs don't go to heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went." Over the past few years, record numbers of souls - both pets and people - have been making their transition to spirit. With each loss, our hearts become more sensitized, more tender, and the grief can sometimes feel unbearable. Yet this has also ushered in a newfound acceptance of - if not yet comfort with - formerly taboo topics such as pet reincarnation. Can your pet come back to you in a new body? If yes, how does that work exactly? Do you need to do anything specific to make it happen? Animal intuitive Shannon Cutts answers these questions and more.


My parrot, Petal, has just returned to me again. This is the fourth time we have been together in the last 40 years.

In Petal's last incarnation, she was with me for 24 wonderful years as my soulbird Pearl.

In the incarnation before that, she was my cockatiel Jacob, who passed at age 3 from undiagnosed congenital kidney disease.

And in her first incarnation with me, she was my childhood bestie, a long-lived yellow and green parakeet named Perky.

How do I know that Petal is Pearl, and Jacob, and Perky?


Well, I am an animal communicator and an animal intuitive, which means I receive telepathic information directly from animals and I also receive intuitive information with the help of spirit intermediaries or guides.


So I know because Pearl told me that he was Jacob and Perky. And on the day he died, shortly after his 24th birthday, Pearl told me he would be rushing right back, but this time he would be a yellow ladybird named Petal.


I share the extraordinary details of how he pulled this off - in the middle of a freak winter freeze, no less - in this short and sweet video. (BONUS: guess what coloration Petal was born with? "Pearl." Of course. :))


So let's get to it. What is pet reincarnation? How does it work exactly? Can you call your beloved pet in spirit back to you in a new physical body so you can spend more time together? Below I answer several frequently asked questions to help you wrap your mind and awareness around the nuances of pet reincarnation.


What is pet reincarnation?


Pet reincarnation is what happens when a pet who has died and is now on the spirit side chooses to incarnate in a new body and come back to this physical Earth plane.


Why do pets reincarnate?


Just like humans, companion animals choose to reincarnate for all kinds of reasons. A pet may very well choose to reincarnate to spend more time with their human guardian or to be companion to a new human guardian. Each animal that incarnates is also following their own soul path, which includes life lessons, challenges and opportunities, and sometimes these are best met through living an embodied life.


Will my pet reincarnate to me if I ask?


It is definitely possible! The key is that the reincarnation must serve the highest and best interests of that animal as well as the highest and best interests of the asker - you. Sometimes the highest and best good of you and your pet in spirit requires that your pet stay on the spirit side. Sometimes your pet may choose to "time share" a body with a different pet you already have a pre-arranged soul contract with. But you can definitely ask - and you should ask if you want your pet to return to you in a new body.


What if my pet says no they don't want to reincarnate?

If your pet in spirit is not willing to reincarnate back to you, first know they always have a good reason!

I have had spirit-pets tell me they will now be their human's spirit guide to support them in any way that is needed. I have had animals in spirit tell me they need to stay on the spirit side to help another soul who is crossing over.

I have also had pets in spirit tell me they need to rest and recalibrate before coming back into a new body.

Here again, it is so important to ask our pets in spirit to share their reasons for any choice they are making!


In my experience, whenever you have a soul bond with a beloved pet, that pet is typically willing to share freely with you about why staying in spirit is best for you both or why reincarnating is best for you both.


How can I get my pet to reincarnate back to me?


Each pet gets to choose of their own free will whether they want to reincarnate back into a new body. The truth is, life can be tough here! Even though our pets typically live on a higher vibrational frequency than we human animals can achieve, and even though they are unconditionally loving and forgiving in ways many humans cannot manage, life is still hard for any embodied being because we come here to Earth to learn big lessons and grow.


So there is no way to "get" or force a pet to reincarnate if they don't want to. And if your pet doesn't want to reincarnate, just know it is always because it serves their highest good AND your highest good that they stay in spirit.


But you can definitely ask your pet in spirit to come back to you in a new body. And if this is something you want, you definitely should ask!


If my pet reincarnates back to me do I have to adopt a very young animal like a puppy or kitten?


This is a super common question I get during animal communication sessions! Caring for a very young animal like a puppy or kitten can really be hard work! Not everyone has a lifestyle or schedule that will bend easily to accommodate the needs of a baby pet animal.



How will I know it is my pet in a new body?


Ahhhh....this is where the work I do as an animal intuitive and animal communicator really shines! Just as my Pearl cockatiel gave me very specific and personal clues to watch for to let me know it was him returning to me - and every single thing he told me happened exactly as he showed it to me - so too will your pet in spirit give you signs and signals to watch for.


Having a conversation with your pet on the spirit side can make it so much easier to trust your own intuition when you meet a new potential pet who feels like "the one."


This is so vitally important that I created a whole podcast episode for my Let's Talk to Animals podcast that focuses just on this topic.

How can I ask my pet to reincarnate back to me again?


I would be honored to assist you and your pet to reunite again through the work I do as an animal communicator for pets in spirit.


Scheduling your pet's animal communication session couldn't be easier! 

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