Pet Reincarnation, Soul Families and Soul Contracts

animal communication cats dogs pet reincarnation Aug 31, 2022
Dog cat pet reincarnation

Pet reincarnation is a hot topic these days. But how does it actually work for your pet to come back to you? Do you have to put in a specific request? What if your pet is already back in a new animal body with a different family? Can pets cross species and reincarnate as a different species in their new life than the species they were when they were with you before? Animal communicator Shannon Cutts answers reader questions.



Not surprisingly, this sweet interspecies family's heartwarming story sparked quite a number of questions from readers eager to learn just how flexible pet reincarnation could truly be.


Reader Question: After my soul dog passed, I moved to a small apartment complex that doesn't allow dogs. But cats are permitted. Even though I haven't had a cat since I was a kid, I love them. Could my dog reincarnate as a cat so we can be together again?


Reader Question: I miss my tortoise so much and I wish every day there was a way he could come back to me. However, I am at a stage in my life when I could not in good conscience adopt a baby tortoise who would most certainly outlive me. Plus I am a firm believer in adopt don't shop. So I guess there is no way this could happen - but I wanted to just check?



Reader Question: I really want my bird to come back to me in a new body but she's been gone awhile and I never thought to ask her to return to me before now. Did I miss my chance?


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