Orry the Chiweenie's Story: I'm Making It Fun for You Mom

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Orry the chiweenie dog

If our animals always know what we are thinking, why do they so often act like they don't? Is it deliberate - pets manipulating their people through cuteness or cunning just because they can? Or could it be that something deeper is going on? What about when it is urgent that your pet behave in a specific way for their own health and safety? Animal communicator Shannon Cutts talks you through these difficult times by sharing the story of Orry the dog and his mom.


Relationships can be joyful. They can also be hard work sometimes. Most of all, relationships are teaching tools for everyone involved. And this can mean we really have to stretch out of our comfort zone when something about a treasured relationship isn't working right!

This has definitely been the case for Orry and his mom, Kristen. Orry is an absolutely precious nearly 13-year-old Chiweenie (Chihuahua + Dachshund) dog. He is lively and fun, funny and smart. And he is really cute!

But when Orry was recently diagnosed with diabetes, their relationship suddenly became strained.


Kristen initially approached me to help her and Orry with a new necessary twice-daily task - administering Orry's subcutaneous (under the skin's surface) insulin injections. During our initial animal communication session together, she told me Orry was a perfect patient with everyone else - the veterinarian and the vet techs, her sister - holding perfectly still and not even uttering one sound while they administered his shots.


But all that changed when it was his mom holding the needle.


Suddenly Orry turned into a squirmy worm - a real yipping machine. He twisted. He wriggled. He wagged his tail furiously in her face. He turned his face and tried to get at the syringe. Twice a day, Kristen had to somehow navigate this furry maelstrom to get all his life-sustaining insulin into him. On the days she failed, Orry would get really sick.


She was at her wit's end when we connected (and I don't blame her one bit!).


Yet when I talked with Orry, he made it clear that overall he is feeling lively and healthy and the insulin injections did not pain him. What did pain him - very much so - was the anxiety, fear and overwhelm Kristen was feeling when she had to give him his morning and evening shots.


Orry said to me, "I'm trying to make it fun for her by turning it into a game!"


In short (and I'm condensing two sessions into one and eliminating several details for brevity here:), Orry would feel the approach of Cyclone Kristen, with all the worry she felt about whether she would inadvertently hurt him and all the overwhelm she was feeling from other areas of her rapidly evolving life.


And he would erupt into Tornado Orry to try to jog her out of her worries and fears.


Now, Orry's behavior with his mom was quite a different experience from when Kristen's sister would come over to give Orry his shot, or when he went to the veterinarian to get injections. Why?


When I asked him, Orry showed me how how calm, objective, detached and very clear these other people were with him about what was about to happen....which he was fine with, by the way. Orry also showed me he understood completely that he needs these shots, they don't hurt him and he is fine with getting them.


Equipped with this new valuable information, I coached Kristen in how to use EFT (emotional freedom technique or "tapping"), affirmations, placement of key crystals and her own master-level Reiki skills to shift the energy of "shot time" when she was the one giving the insulin.


During a second animal communication session a month or so later, we also harnessed the power of Kristen's imagination to help her fine-tune her energetic frequency further. Shifting into this imaginative and playful state helped her get creative about timing Orry's shot just right so he wouldn't even notice he was getting it!


The "moral" if you will of this story is how animal communication is playing a key part in helping this lively, loving, adorable dog stay in his physical body longer to be with his mom. In two short sessions, we managed to completely shift an unworkable dynamic using information only Orry could provide.


Are you struggling through an unwelcome and frustrating shift in your pet's behavior? Do you wonder whether your animal has reasons of their own for why they are doing what they are doing? I can help.

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