Orry the Dog's Last Wishes: You Can Learn to Talk to Me, Mom

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Orry the dog

What will happen when your beloved animal companion, light of your life, constant friend and partner in life, reaches their time to transition? How do other pet parents handle this extremely delicate and difficult part of life? Animal communicator Shannon Cutts shares the inspiring story of how one pet and one person navigated this deeply personal rite of passage.


Remember Orry and Kristen from a few blog posts ago? I knew the day was coming when Kristen would reach back out to me to support them both through Orry's transition.

And while I wasn't precisely looking forward to it, I felt absolutely certain Orry would rise to the occasion to support his human, Kristen, and his animal communicator, me, through the process.

Orry did not disappoint.


What a wise and eloquent soul he


The thing about transition time is that we pet parents get soooo attached to the body. We can't help it. For most of us, everything from our own upbringing to the culture that surrounds us to the belief systems in our local geographic area heavily influence this body bias.


Plus, our pets are so cute. Add to it that they aren't pets - not to us, anyway. They are family. And soul family on top of it. Soul family in a way that often the other humans in our life to date have only aspired to be.


So of course it hurts like hell to let their bodies go. To watch their soul and their precious body part ways. To help make this happen by taking charge of their passing, which is so often what our animals truly want and need us to do - a final act of unconditional love we can offer them on the physical plane side of things.


But there is a whole other side to the connection we share with our animal companions. And it starts back up - or can, anyway - literally a breath after their spirit passes out of their physical body.


This is why I love the analogy of the rainbow bridge so much. Because it truly is a bridge and spirits, souls, walk back and forth across it at will and with ease.


But without our awareness of what is really happening when our pet's physical body dies, our animal in spirit may visit us nightly, daily, all the time, and we will not recognize them or realize it is happening. Our attachment to their body can be so strong it literally blocks us from feeling their presence on any other level of our being.


Luckily, when Kristen reached out to me to talk through Orry's last wishes and his final transition out of his physical body, she brought this awareness with her. She was taking charge of his passing ahead of time and she wanted to hear from Orry so she could plan ahead and not end up in emergency mode where circumstances forced a certain type of exit for him.


So inspiring.


Orry was delighted to participate and I found him to be as talkative as ever, waxing poetic on how he felt his final days in his body should go and expounding on exactly what his final wishes were.


The next time I heard from Kristen, she had some amazing experiences to share with me:


Thank you for all of the help you gave me and Orry during our last bit of time together....he and I were able to spend a really great last week together after you and I last spoke.


He helped me plan a getaway trip for the day after his departure as I discovered that I did not want to be at my house alone so soon after him leaving. I planned one excursion that was to put me a little out of my comfort zone, so I asked him to be with me to help calm me and he gave me the most perfect and definitely just for me earthly confirmation that he was there in spirit on that excursion, my heart was full.


We've been in constant communication since he transitioned. I first "heard" his little voice later on that afternoon...and wow he's a perky and chatty little guardian! LOL I don't hear very many words from him just yet, it's mostly just little bursts of words like "Mommy, sleep!" "Mommy, happy!" - his vocabulary (at least in my experience) is growing though. He also likes to show me all of the tricks and antics he knew and would do to make me smile and laugh. Such a little goofball.


Kristen has even decided to continue developing their soul-to-soul relationship by enrolling in animal communication classes with me. Her actions are transforming a heart-wrenching experience into a heart-opening reunion.


And I often feel Orry during my animal communication sessions with other pets and their humans. He has joined my light team and is a great support and encouragement to me in my intuitive work.


How might your relationship with your pet's end-of-life process shift if you invited your animal to share their thoughts and wishes? I can help.


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