A New Way to Help Dogs Cats And Other Pets Afraid of Fireworks

animal communication pet wellness Jun 22, 2022
Dog wearing fourth of july bandana

Fireworks are a hot topic this time of year.....literally. But is there more to our pets' fear of the snap, crackle and pop of festive fireworks than what seems obvious? What is it about noisy holidays and noise events like thunderstorms that so reliably sends even the most normally chill pets into a panic? And why do so many of the modern calming tools we use with our pets seem to have only minimal positive impact? Animal communicator Shannon Cutts of Animal Love Languages gets to the root of pets fear of fireworks.


Each year around this time, we human animals gear up to celebrate. And our pets gear up to endure our celebrations. The ASCPA estimates that one out of every five lost pet cases can be traced back to noise events like Fourth of July fireworks and thunderstorms.

Scary statistics for pet parents everywhere.

Yet somehow the high probability of losing track of a beloved pet during a fireworks show doesn't seem to be enough incentive for us to stop using fireworks. So that means we have to look at Plan B - keeping our dogs, cats, horses, birds and other pets calm and close to home whenever noisy events like fireworks or thunderstorms take place.


Unfortunately, our best Plan B tools like CBD or melatonin, tiring pets out with vigorous play earlier in the day, special treats, calming pet music, even sound-proofing a room for them, only seems to take the edge of the terror they feel.


Is there anything else we can do?


YES. Yes, there is something else we can do. A lot else, actually. And this is such an important topic I created an entire video to teach you exactly what to do to address this pernicious threat to pet health and safety, not to mention pet sanity and serenity.


Need some help making sure your dog, cat, bird or other pet is getting the right message from you during the next round of fourth of July fireworks, thunderstorm or other noisy event?

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