Joe the Boa's Story: I Know What You Need to Do

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Brene Brown's book "Daring Greatly" introduced us human animals to the idea of stepping into the arena of life, tackling the tough challenges and only accepting insight and input from trusted fellow warriors who are actively engaged in self-evolution and growth. But what if your best friend is your animal, your pet? Can your pet also be your mentor in the way of "Daring Greatly?" Can you ask your animal for advice about what to do and if yes, how do you do that? Animal communicator Shannon Cutts shares the amazing story of how one of her pet clients helped turn things around for his human.


Maribel was facing a heartwrenching decision. She had just received some amazing news. She was going to get a big promotion at her company - a promotion she had worked tirelessly and bravely to win for five long years.

But what she didn't realize when she set her heart on this coveted promotion that she would have to move.


To a country with exceptionally strict restrictions on animal imports....a country with loads of official red tape to traverse if she was to be able to bring her beloved 10-foot-long, 15-year-old common boa constrictor, Joe, with her.


But there was one bright spot in her favor.


She had a rather generous three-month period to coordinate her move overseas while recruiting and training her replacement at her current job, attending training classes to prepare to take over in the new role.


Maribel took a deep breath, accepted the long-awaited promotion and geared up to tackle the looming mountain of rules, regulations and forms on Joe's behalf.


Over those next 90 days, she filled out form after form. She sent email after email. She mailed registered, certified, insured letters. She made phone calls....and more phone calls. Every day she was one day closer to her permanent overseas move. And everyday she had no new news about whether Joe could travel with her.


By the time she reached out to me, Maribel felt desperate. And heart-sick.


She had raised Joe from a palm-sized baby boa. He had been with her through the implosion of her 20-year marriage to her high school sweetheart, the death of her mom and the complete destruction of their home during an epic nor'easter one winter. If Joe couldn't come with her, Maribel no longer wanted to go. She considered telling her company she was no longer interested in the promotion. But she had already hired and trained her replacement. If she didn't take the promotion, there was nowhere within this small, streamlined company for her to go.


Maribel wanted me to talk to Joe and prepare him for the worst. She wanted me to tell him about the local reptile rescue that had already agreed to accept him if he had to stay behind. She wanted me to tell Joe how much she loved him and how sorry she was that she couldn't take him.


Joe had other ideas.


When I tuned in with Joe, he didn't waste any time with pleasantries. He didn't want to talk about his favorite food, his health or anything like that. And he told me he already knew about the reptile rescue and that he appreciated her effort to give him a heads-up, but it wasn't going to be necessary.

Joe knew something Maribel didn't.

Specifically, he knew why none of Maribel's efforts to obtain the required permits for him were working.

In just a handful of breaths, I knew why as well.


(As a side note, I just love how quickly animal communication conversations happen - so much can be conveyed in just a blink of an eye!)


Joe used a series of pictures paired with strong emotions to show me how Maribel's panic, emotional pain and mental focus on the worst-case possibility was literally acting as a dam that held back the longed-for travel and importation permits Joe needed to travel to their new home with her.


He gave me specific instructions for Maribel. She was to get up a half-hour earlier each morning, go out into the backyard, sit directly on the earth and face the rising sun. Joe told Maribel to call to mind one of her many favorite memories of their time thus far together and to let the positive emotions flood her heart with joy and gratitude.


Then Joe showed me how he wanted Maribel to quickly shift her mental picture to one where they were traveling happily to their new home overseas, side by side and eager for many more adventures together. Joe told Maribel she needed to do this first thing in the morning, last thing in the evening and right before any action she took to work on his travel arrangements - letters, emails, phone calls, anything.


He told me to tell Maribel, "If you will do this, it will work and you and I can be together."


Maribel was silent when I passed along his message to her. The next words she spoke were tearful. "I hadn't realized until now that I had lost all hope of bringing Joe with me. But he knew it all along."


After our session ended, I encouraged Maribel to keep in touch with me and let me know when she had good news. I heard nothing further from her for several weeks.


Then one morning I woke up to an email from Maribel. I could see there were images attached to her message. As I clicked through them, the photos showed me one picture after another of Joe's big beautiful new enclosure in their new home overseas. Apparently Joe had created quite a stir in their new community, becoming a local celebrity of sorts and generating invitations from local schools to bring Joe in for some quality time with the kids.


Joe was loving it, of course. But then again, he wasn't a bit surprised, either.


The best news - day-making news for me - Maribel told me she had gotten in the habit of asking Joe for advice and guidance whenever she felt confused, fearful or frustrated at her new job or in navigating her new local area. And Joe was turning out to be a great mentor!


Now it was my turn to not be a bit surprised. :-)


Are you feeling at a loss for where to find new insight and inspiration about a challenge, opportunity or life change you are facing? Maybe it is time to ask your animal to help you!

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