Jake's the Dog's Story: Next Time I Will Need Your Help

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Colin with his soul dog Jake

Pet death is just about the hardest experience we go through. Because the connection in life is so unconditional and deep, any sense of disturbance or disruption in that connection shakes us to our core. While this is true at any time and any age, it can be especially traumatic when we are in our younger years. And it can be exceptionally traumatic when the animal who is dying is a service dog or emotional support animal. Is there a way through pet death that won't bring you to your knees? Jake the dog tells animal communicator Shannon Cutts that yes, there is a way.


Amy contacted me when her family's dog, Jake, was clearly entering his end-of-life transition. At 14 years old, big and beautiful Jake had lived a very full life. And Amy's profession in the world of herbal medicine and aromatherapy had given her family extra time with him beyond what the doctors expected.

But now even Amy's best efforts and those of Jake's extended care team were becoming insufficient to control his discomfort. Everything within Amy was saying "It is time."

There was just one problem. Amy's son, Colin.


Colin had little recollection of life before Jake. And thank goodness for it, because Jake's arrival made everything in Colin's life oh so much better. Jake was Colin's world. His rock. His homing beacon on paws. With Jake, Colin felt strong and capable. Without Jake....Colin didn't even want to think about it.


And he certainly didn't want to talk about it. Not with his mom, Amy, and not with anyone.


Amy wasn't sure what to do. She was worried about Jake. Worried about Colin. Worried, period.


When I suggested inviting Jake himself to the conversation, she brightened. I could feel a fresh infusion of hope - help from a new quarter that might just work the miracle she was hoping and praying for. We set up the time and date for my communication with Jake.


And then I proceeded to have one of the most profound and inspiring conversations of my life to date.


Jake was crystal clear from the start. It was his time to depart his body. He was ready. He was already practicing, in fact, spending time in his physical body yet also spending time in his spirit body. Remembering how to move in between here and there, the physical and the metaphysical, Earth and heaven. He was also quite aware of the emotional turmoil his imminent passing was creating within his small and tight knit human family unit.


Jake told me he knew Amy would be okay. And then he told me something else. Jake told me he knew Colin had it in him to not just be okay with his soul dog's passing, but to become stronger than he had ever dreamed possible.


And that wasn't all Jake had to say. Jake then told me he really needed Colin to rise to the occasion. Because there was - is - so much more to their story.


In this incarnation, Jake explained, Colin had needed him. Colin had needed Jake's strength, his support, his resilience, his presence. Colin had needed Jake's unconditional love and belief in him and his deep unconditional lifelong friendship. And Jake had delivered, to the level where imagining life lived separately now felt unbearable to Colin.


Amazingly - it seemed now it was time for Colin to return the favor.


Jake wanted - urged - Colin to seek past the physical for their continued bond. To seek into the energy signature of a soul contract that had existed before Jake the puppy was even born and before Colin himself had arrived here as an infant human on planet Earth. Jake needed Colin to seek into and find the energy and emotion of the ongoing love bond the two of them shared and will share again in the near future.


It was very important Colin do this, Jake kept telling me, urging me to emphasize and re-emphasize this point. Because part 2 of their story in this lifetime was already in the early stages of unfolding.


And this time, Jake told me, he would need Colin's help. Jake said he was coming back in a new body. He would be coming back into Colin's life. Once again, Jake would be a dog. Only this time, Colin would be the strong one. The nature of their soul contract was that each experiences what it is like to be strong and offer help. And each experiences what it is like to be fragile and accept help.


Now, I happen to be a lifelong Star Wars buff. Which meant I was really hoping Colin was too, because Jake kept sending me images of Luke Skywalker in the Death Star hangar watching Darth Vader fighting with his mentor, Obi-Wan Kenobi. And Jake specifically drew my attention to the moment when Obi-Wan told Vader, "If you strike me down, I will become more powerful than you can possibly imagine." And how (of course) Vader took his shot, did the deed, and then Obi-Wan spoke to Luke so clearly in that very next second that no one with ears to hear could have missed it.


Luckily, Luke had ears to hear. And Jake wanted Colin to ready his ears. To ready his heart to feel Jake's energetic signature, present in the unconditional love the pair had shared for the past 14 years.


That energy signature, it is unmistakable, Jake told me. If Colin tunes in, he will know. He will feel. And he will be freed - free to keep his heart open rather than slamming it shut in grief. And this epic act of brave and belief will pave the way for their reunion in the near rather than far future, when Jake will return as a dog in need of a strong, patient, wise and loving human who will never ever give up on him.

Jake's story reminds me of a deep inner knowing that has followed me throughout life. Thank goodness. It is simply this: we are never too strong, too whole and healed, to still need help ourselves. And we are never too compromised, too weak, too fragile, to have something impactful to offer to others.


As for me, I eagerly await news of Jake and Colin's inevitable reunion. Inevitable now because, after hearing what his beloved canine life companion had to say, share and ask, Colin said yes. Yes to allowing Jake to pass. Yes to feeling into the energy space where two twin souls are still connected and always will be.


Yes to welcoming Jake into his life again in a new dog body.


Yes to a continuity of life and love beyond what feels possible at the level of mind. Jake and Colin have always been, are now, will always be together. Being together in two physical bodies - well, now Colin knows that is just icing on an already epically large slice of cake!


Not long after my conversation with Jake, I got an email from Amy. She wrote:


Well. 10 days ago Jake's body left. His spirit is still here.  Thanks to your communication Colin was open and able to feel the spirit stay as his body passed. We both still feel him very strongly.


Do you and your pet need some extra support through and after the end-of-life transition process? I am here. I can help. And it would be my honor to do so.

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