Just How Woo Is Animal Communication?

animal communication Sep 15, 2022
Dog gazing at camera

Is animal communication real? Is it possible? Sure, people talk to each other. Other animal species also find ways to communicate amongst themselves. But what about interspecies animal communication? How woo is it....or is it woo at all?


One of my intuitive teachers, internationally-known author and mentor Sonia Choquette, says she loves "woo." Woo is good. Woo is where the magic happens. I happen to wholeheartedly agree....and not just because I've always been a little too woo even for my own liking!


The fact is, I've always been fascinated by the limitations of my mind and what lies beyond. Ergo, there is a part of my being that is forever sneaking away to play in the realm of what is felt yet not seen, known but not in ways my mind can readily put its finger on.


Can you relate?


(I'm thinking you can, especially since you are here now and reading this blog post.)


When I felt lonely in college - which was often - I would go out in nature.

Some of my favorite memories come from the moments when I would be sitting near a flock of birds imagining I was one of them. Imagining I belonged.

Even today, I simply adore that time each day when the local flocks gather on the lines and in stands of trees for what I call "happy chirpy hour." There is a lot of communicating going on - lots of news being exchanged - and more than a bit of gossip, I suspect.


Being near to these vibrant animal groups makes me feel more alive. It activates my senses and my imagination, which are two essential parts of making animal communication work.


When I am with my own pets or observing wild animals, I am more focused on what we share in common than on what separates us. All of us have the ability to see, hear, smell, taste, touch and know. Otherwise, it is so easy to forget that I, too, am an animal. I, too, have animal instincts. I, too, can use these shared instincts to communicate with any other species on this planet.


Perhaps the reason talking to animals still feels a bit "out there" in some circles is because it does push us beyond the limitations of mind, thoughts and words. But even within our own species, we learn that verbal communication only represents about 10 percent of any two-way exchange of information.


The other 90 percent is nonverbal. It is sensory. It is how we hold and move our body. It is our facial expression. It is the emotion we hold inside. It is all the stuff we don't say.


This is important because nonverbal communication is the part of communication that is tied to our animal instincts and our fight or flight survival system wiring.


So it just makes sense that this nonverbal language is also the part of communication that connects us back to the universal language of all species.


It is there inside us all along, and yet it exists in a place our minds cannot access. And so we do not believe it is there at all.


Our pets come into our lives for many reasons. One of the most compelling is to help us remember the 90 percent of communication we discount, ignore or simply don't know about.


How might your pet be trying to help you remember this universal sensory language you can both use to communicate with each other?

Pets teach their people in so many ways! One of the most common is a perplexing behavior issue - something our animal does repeatedly that no amount of training, veterinary tests or bribery seems to eradicate. Sometimes they pass and we are inconsolable.

And so the frustrated human finally does that thing they said they would never do - they reach out to an animal communicator for help.


Amazingly, it works. You become more interested in talking to animals in spite of yourself. You schedule another session. Maybe you even enroll in an introductory animal communication course.


And just like that, woo becomes a good thing. Even better, you discover talking to your pet is FUN!


Is this the day you decide to try that woo thing you swore you would never do? Are you ready to give talking to your pet a whirl? I can help.


Scheduling your pet's animal communication session couldn't be easier! 

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