Is Talking to Your Pet with Animal Communication On Your Bucket List?

animal communication Sep 29, 2021
Cat in bucket

Is talking to your animal on your bucket list? Is talking to you on your pet's bucket list? Do pets even have a bucket list? Should animal communication be bucket list material? Let's find out!


I have a theory. My theory is that every person has a bucket list. Some of us just haven't noticed it yet.


Why do I say this?

Because bucket list stuff is big priorities stuff. It is the reason many of us wake up in the middle of the night yet again but don't know why. It is the stuff that makes some of us afraid of dying and others of us afraid of really getting out there to live.

And it is the stuff that our regrets will be formed from, if we get to life's natural end and haven't said it, done it or experienced it yet. It is the "before it is too late" stuff.


It is the stuff we persist with even when everyone around us thinks we are nuts (or when we think we are nuts).


Bucket list stuff comes from the same place that gut instinct comes from. Which is the same place animal communication comes from.


This is also why non-human animals don't have bucket lists like human animals have bucket lists. Our pets don't have bucket lists because they are making their very best effort every single day to do every one of those things we would write down on our bucket list.


It is the same reason why suicide isn't really a thing in the non-human animal world the way it is in the human-animal world. When your life can literally end from one meal to the next, staying alive stays pretty much at the top of your bucket list pretty much every day.


Life is precious.

Every minute of it overflows with opportunity. Now is always the right time. And getting stuck in the past or future means you aren't going to notice the hungry predator behind you who is getting ready to pounce.

Life itself IS an animal's bucket list.

This holds true for wild animals and companion animals, because all animals stay dialed in to their survival instincts regardless of where they happen to live. "Staying alive" is every animal's theme song.


And all that other bucket list stuff - sleeping, eating, passing on your DNA - this can only happen if you are still alive to do it.


As for us, the human animals, we need bucket lists. We need to remember.


This is one of the primary reasons why animal communication matters and why yes, you do want to talk to your pet. Every human should experience talking with an animal of another species at least once in life.


Why? It wakes us up. It helps us remember.....remember that bucket lists are to be lived in the now, just like your pet lives every day of their precious life with you.


And most of all, animal communication gives you the priceless chance to see, hear, sense, feel, taste, touch and (sometimes) even smell life from your pet's point of view.


And if that isn't bucket list material, I don't know what is!


P.S. If animals did make bucket lists, talking to you would be at the top of them. The thing is, your pet is trying their utmost to talk to you already. Wouldn't it be cool if you could respond using the one available language you can both understand?


Ready to check "talk to your animal" off your bucket list (and your pet's bucket list)? I'd love to help you!

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