How Does Animal Communication Happen? A Communicator Explains

animal communication Sep 08, 2021
Cat showing teeth

When you love an animal, your heart makes a commitment. When your animal returns your love, you begin a relationship together. From that point forward, you are going to be attempting to communicate with each other. But is true interspecies communication even possible?


If you are an animal lover, a pet parent, an animal rescue angel, a pet foster carer, you already know that feeling of desperately wanting to connect and communicate across the interspecies language barrier.

You try and try, doing your level best to cobble together some sort of makeshift "language" made up of words, symbols, body movements, whistles, other noises, behaviors, anything you can find that might get the message across, only to be met with continually mixed results.


Suffice it to say these attempts at interspecies animal communication are rarely satisfying, let alone successful. As of yet, there is no translator app standing by to decode barks, meows, chirps or hisses into "human" and vice versa.


The problem, however, is all ours. We are the ones standing in the way of clear and connecting interspecies communication.


Why do I say this?


Animal communication taps into a universal language that all species (even plants!) share in common. This is the language of the survival instinct. It is the language of the greater food chain o' life. It is the language of being born wild and free on the inside (whether our life looks or feels at all like that on the outside).


It is a deeply sensory language made up of images, sounds, emotions, tastes, scents and gut-level intuitive knowings.


This universal language of all species so neatly bypasses the place where human animals live their lives - the realm of the mind and thought - that we homo sapiens typically don't even remember we know it.


But this doesn't mean it isn't there or that we can't re-learn how to speak it.


How do I know this? What supports me to make such a statement with such certainty?




Here is how I know. When I am facilitating animal communication sessions, it nearly always happens that a message from the animal comes through and the moment I share it, the human will say, "You know, I have often thought my cat/dog/bird/turtle was trying to tell me that!"


We know. You know.

But you don't know in your mind or in your thoughts. You know in your heart and in your gut. You know it in the same way you know the difference between being alive and being dead. You don't think it with your mind. You see it, sense it in your soul.


Perhaps it is just because I tend to attract highly sensitive humans and their highly sensitive pets, but I have witnessed this often enough to state with confidence that human-animal pairs are often already communicating rather well by the time they find me.


My role then becomes one of confirmation and affirmation - mentoring the interspecies pair (particularly the human half) to learn how to tune back in and keep the conversation flowing.


Of course, sometimes a human will schedule an animal intuitive session with me and they really have no idea that a universal language of all species exists, let alone that they, too, can speak it.


If this describes you, perhaps you decide to schedule your session because you are distraught after your soul animal has passed. Or maybe you are distressed because your animal love is suffering in some way and you don't know what to do to help. Or perhaps you are simply blessed with a "difficult" animal who is pushing buttons you didn't even know you had and you are at your wit's step away from rehoming. So animal communication becomes your last ditch effort and then the gateway to a whole new and deeper level of awakening and connection.


In these cases, it is my privilege, honor and joy to be the bearer of good news. Help and hope is available for you and your pet.


There is continued life and connection beyond the rainbow bridge and across the veil.


There is a trustworthy way your animal can communicate what they want and need across the seeming interspecies language barrier.


There are deep soul lessons inside the difficult behaviors your animal is using to get your attention.


That way is the forgotten universal language of all species. It is your birthright, just as it is my birthright and the birthright of every being who has ever been born, lived and crossed over to live again on the other side.


Scheduling your pet's animal communication session couldn't be easier! 

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