Floppy's the Cat's Story: A Soul Cat Crosses Over

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Floppy the cat

Any experience of pet loss is hard. Sudden losses can be particularly difficult. Unexpected sudden losses are often downright excruciating. Why do our pets leave us in this particularly traumatic way? Did they want to go? Did they plan it? Did the abrupt transition to spirit surprise them the way it often surprises us? Floppy the cat shares her perspective on the light behind the dark clouds of sudden unexpected pet death.


Vanessa was heartbroken. Devastated. How could this happen? They had done everything....tried everything they could to give their baby more time.

Yet, somehow, in a matter of mere moments, her precious soul cat was just....gone.

And Vanessa and her husband found themselves suddenly set adrift in a sea of grief.



So Vanessa reached out to me for help reconnecting with her beloved Floppy.


When I tuned in to meet Floppy and talk with her, she immediately said to me, "My mom is upset. You need to comfort my mom."


Her tone was authoritative. Confident. Insistent. I agreed with her 100% and asked if she could tell me a bit more about her final moments and her passing.


What Floppy showed me next was nothing short of shocking.



First, I received an image of a zipper unzipping. When it got all the way to the bottom, the two sides of the zipper detached from each other.

As this happened, I heard the words, "It is done."

These words were paired with an inner sensation of finality. An inner knowing arose that this was somehow related to the right side of Floppy's body, possibly to the heart or to a medical procedure she was undergoing.


Something was opened that could not be closed again. I felt a very physical sensation of momentary intense heat.


Floppy also made it clear that this was not the type of passing she had originally planned for or wanted.


Rather, it had happened and she went with it.


The most meaningful part of her death process, she told Vanessa, was how she was able to remain aware of her own passage out of body and into spirit, in what human spiritual seekers might describe as a sort of witness-consciousness state.


This was HUGE for Floppy. She shared that truthfully, she hadn't imagined herself capable of such a feat - at least not yet. This type of death was truly a bucket list-level feat of brave that catapulted her forward in her soul evolution.


Floppy then said, "Mom, I know this was really hard for you and I'm SORRY. Thank you for being there for me and with me."


Vanessa also wanted to know if Floppy had been aware that she and her husband were there at the end and were trying to say goodbye and tell her how much they loved her.


To this question, Floppy replied "no....and yes."


In the way of someone who is having an out of body (or what some call an NDE or near death experience), Floppy explained that she was both aware and not aware. She was distantly aware that Vanessa and her husband were present. She felt their love and support. Yet she was also fully involved and invested in the profound experience she was having.


For Vanessa, this lack of closure and confirmation of their bond in Floppy's last embodied moments had created a driving need for signs from the other side.

She was grieving at such a depth, partly from the sheer shock of a sudden loss, partly from the drama and trauma that had preceded that shock, and, Floppy explained, from something else as well.

And so Floppy encouraged Vanessa to take a minute - many minutes - to herself.

Yes, to allow the shock to pass through. Yes, to grieve. But also to re-center.


Floppy said that the nature of their deep connection in life had, after her passing, created a strange sort of identity crisis in Vanessa. In other words, due to the shock of Floppy's sudden transition, Vanessa had in some ways lost her identity, her sense of herself.


She and Floppy had formed such a strong, deep and enduring bond during Floppy's life that Vanessa had kind of forgotten who she was (and is) without Floppy being there physically. Her identity as Floppy's mom was both incredibly strong and very precious to her - so much so that she was reluctant to let any part of it go.


Floppy urged Vanessa to recognize and acknowledge this important schism in her previous sense of self. In her own way, Vanessa was now experiencing something similar to what Floppy had experienced when she transitioned so suddenly. It might not feel welcome, but this separation represented a glimpse of freedom...of life across the veil.


This was one of Floppy's first signs to Vanessa - the first of many yet to come.


Floppy closed this communication by encouraging Vanessa to connect to the feeling, the sensation, of love, that she still felt for Floppy, and use that as an inner GPS of sorts to rekindle their inner connection. She told Vanessa to use the phrase "What would Floppy do?" whenever she needed a burst of the confidence and assertiveness that were such hallmarks of Floppy's embodied personality.


Floppy also wanted Vanessa to know she had every intention of coming back in a new cat body.

She shared that she had loved being a cat - loved everything about it - and was eager to do it all over again.

And most of all, she wanted Vanessa and her husband to know how grateful she was for all their love and that she had loved her life with them in every way.


After listening to Floppy's messages, Vanessa reached back out to me to share more about how Floppy had passed and what the session meant to her and her husband. She wrote,


Floppy passed less than 12h after an open heart surgery, where they took a little lining of her heart and a lobe of her lung out. The zipper analogy might refer to that? She passed after 2 cardiac arrests, and when we got to the hospital we decided to let her go. I remember asking the doctors to bring her back on the second CPR so I could say goodbye and her eyes were wide open but it didn’t feel like she knew I was there. That’s why I asked that question.


 I’ve been in pieces and it’s hard to get pass the grief but your conversation with her definitely helped, I see her personality all throughout the session.

I’m so grateful for you and grateful for Floppy coming through. I hope to start getting her signs soon, it’s all I’ve been asking for.

With all my heart, thank you again.
~Vanessa Marcon & Gui Spina


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