ET Phone Home A Perfect Example Of Animal Communication

Jan 19, 2022
ET phone home movie clip

Want to know what it feels like when I communicate with your pet? Curious about how I became fluent in the universal language of all species? Shannon of Animal Love Languages gives you a fun animal communication activity you can try right away.


Something very cool happened back in 1982. This was the year Steven Spielberg introduced our planet to ET the Extra Terrestrial.

Like pretty much, well, everyone, I immediately fell head over heels in love with the ugly-cute and precociously plucky little alien.

But that was many decades ago.

And honestly, until just recently, I hadn't even thought about the movie or the phenomenon of ET for quite some time.


Then my mom broke her wrist and her femur and I temporarily moved my little interspecies family into her house to care for her. We got to talking about classic movies. The topic of ET came up. We decided to watch it.


For those of you reading along who haven't seen ET, you might want to stop reading now and watch it first. Then come back and finish reading this post.


For the rest of you, remember the scene where ET discovers beer? He drinks one can, then another, then another. He gets tipsy, then drunk. At that same moment, in a classroom a mere few miles away, his protector, the young boy Elliot, also starts getting tipsy and then drunk. He then decides to set all the classroom dissection frogs free (thank goodness).


Total chaos ensues.


From then on, ET and Elliot are synced.


And by synced I mean that what ET experiences, Elliot also experiences. They have a physical, mental and emotional link. Of the three, the emotional link is the strongest. When ET feels lonely, Elliot feels lonely. When ET falls ill, Elliot sickens too. It is not clear whether the sync goes both ways, although it appears to be a one-way sync with ET as the sender and Elliot as the receiver.


At any rate, after we finished watching the movie together, I said to Mom, "That is exactly what it is like when I talk to animals." And it is.


Of course, it is a different experience with each animal I sync with. And like with Elliot, the animal is always the sender and I am the receiver.


But unlike Elliot, I know how to un-sync after a communication so I can stay healthy in body, mind and heart between sessions. This is especially vital when I have more than one session scheduled in a single day!


I'm not saying all animal communicators do what they do by syncing. But this is how it works for me.


Through syncing with your pet, I often know things I couldn't possibly know in any other way. Your animal trusts me enough to sync with me and share the information you need to know about them.


For me at least, up to 24 hours before a scheduled animal communication session I may start to feel anxious or sad, nauseated or itchy. If the pet I'm about to talk to has tummy trouble, low energy or (ahem) flatulence, guess who else is quite possibly going to get those symptoms?


Yup. Lucky me.


Yet I don't always get physical, mental or emotional symptoms when I sync with your pet.


If sharing their symptoms is the fastest, easiest way for the animal to get the message across, then it will happen. If the symptoms are not relevant to your reason for scheduling the session or to the information your pet wants to tell you, I won't get symptoms.


Intriguingly, in the movie ET the Extra Terrestrial, you see ET break the sync with Elliot when ET becomes too ill to continue the bond without endangering Elliot's life.


For those of us who can sync on demand with another being when it serves the highest good of all concerned, we must learn when and how to go into that sync state and then when and how to come back out again, all the while maintaining healthy and respectful boundaries for all concerned.


When I facilitate an animal communication session, a Rainbow Bridge pet medium session or a pet Reiki healing session, I allow the sync with the pet to begin up to 24 hours before the session start time. I only allow a sync with the pet's person - you - starting at the time the session starts.


And I terminate the sync with both pet and person immediately at the session's conclusion.


I choose to do it this way for a reason.


Like ET exploring Earth, I am just a visitor to your world - the world you and your pet share together. My goal is to serve your shared highest good while also leaving behind no trace of my presence or energy after our session concludes.


Would you like to experience the classic film ET the Extra Terrestrial coming to life for you and your pet? I can help.

Scheduling your pet's animal communication session couldn't be easier! 

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