Eli the Bird's Story: Please Let Me Stay

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Eli the parrot

Adding a new pet to your family can create unexpected ripples in your everyday family routine. This is especially true in cases where one or more pets has been rehomed one or more times in the past. Fears and anxieties can create changes in pet behavior and health. Animal communicator Shannon Cutts shares her pet client Eli the Eclectus parrot's story as a perfect example of how animal communication can help clear the air and restore interspecies family harmony.


Eli had a problem. A big problem. A big grey problem, to be specific.

Eli's problem had feathers. And a beak. Just like him. Even worse, his problem came equipped with special needs - a foot deformity that meant he was totally dependent on a human carer for pretty much everything he needed every single day.

Eli's problem also had a name. Howie. Howie, a CAG African Grey parrot, had just appeared one day and showed no signs of leaving again.



Luckily, Eli's person, Nancy, was highly intuitive and empathic. She recognized the signs of the impending intra-flock meltdown - the biting, the attacking, the cage territorialism that marked Eli's metamorphosis into a mini Velociraptor defending himself.


But against what? It didn't take much to put two and two together.


Nancy reached out to me. And I reached out to Eli.


It didn't take long for me to get the story out of this terrified, traumatized and anxious green bird. With a little help from some soothing Reiki energy, Eli opened up and the whole story poured right out. He had come to Nancy from not one, not two, but three prior homes. His first was the worst. He was so happy living with his person, Janet. Then Janet went and got a boyfriend, Assad. Assad didn't like Eli much but he tried for Janet's sake. He tried for awhile until Janet got pregnant. When the baby arrived, it was time's up for Eli.


One day, Assad drove up to a bird rescue in their area and just dropped Eli off. He never saw Janet or Assad again. The bird rescue found a new home for Eli with a local Eclectus breeder. Unfortunately, Eli was still bonded to Janet, and to people in general. He had no idea what to do with the female Eclectus the breeder kept trying to push on him. So the breeder reached out to his network for help.


Fortunately, the breeder's network included Nancy. Nancy and Eli met and it was the start of a really solid friendship. They developed a fun little morning routine where Eli would "help" Nancy as she got ready for her day and fed and cared for the other animals.


But that all changed when Howie arrived.

"What is it about Howie?" I asked Eli. Eli showed me a mental picture of his previous person, Janet, holding her new baby. The emotion he sent me along with that picture was one of extreme fear and sadness.

"Ahhhhhh." Instantly, it clicked.

Eli had taken one look at Howie, who needed to be picked up, carried around and (essentially) cradled like a new baby, and assumed the worst. He was biting, attacking, defending his cage and his heart, desperate to not get his heart broken for a second time.


There is a lot more to this story. More Reiki healing. Some emotional freedom technique EFT tapping. Recommendations for pet crystal therapy and a referral to a respected aromatherapist in my network.


Most of all, I had the opportunity to share the basics of animal communication with Nancy so she could communicate more accurately with Eli, reassuring him when they had to travel for avian pedicures, well parrot veterinary visits and other routine appointments so he wouldn't think he was about to get dropped off again.


This is a still-unfolding process for Eli, Nancy, Howie and their whole family.


While I would love it if Nancy contacts me in a week or so to say she hasn't seen a single sign of defensiveness, biting or anxiety from Eli since our call, I cautioned her that the results are likely to be subtler and more gradual than this.


From a physical cortisol detox to a shift in his mental and emotional settings, Eli now needs to adjust to a new reality where - barring some truly unforeseen circumstances - he has found his forever home and can finally begin to let the memory of his prior trauma go.


This may require additional bodywork, emotional release work, even soul retrieval work as well as ongoing monitoring of his physical health (stress takes its own toll that can really add up over time).


And Howie, Nancy and their whole interspecies family also each has their own work to do in and around what Eli is going through.


Luckily, there is love - lots and lots of love. And sustaining cuteness. And most importantly there is a wise and empathic human who is open to including her animals in the conversation through animal communication and a whole wonderful holistic pet care team.


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