Animal Communication Do You Have to Be Psychic to Talk to Animals?

animal communication Oct 20, 2021
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Is animal communication the same thing as being psychic? Is being psychic even a thing? Can everyone talk to animals or is it just for special people? Let's find out!


The word "psychic" is one of those words we assume is easy to define. At least until we try to do it.

Give it a try right now - defining the word psychic - and see what you come up with.

What happens to most of us is that our definition ends up loaded with assumptions or things we think we know. The end result feels and sounds, well.....woo.


Like, way too woo. The kind of woo that reminds us of a certain creepy-colorful house on the corner near the freeway advertising 24/7 open hours and ridiculously low prices for "accurate psychic readings."


I want to ask you a question.


Have you ever had a hunch? Maybe a feeling about something? Perhaps you just got good or bad vibes about a person, situation, purchase, something? Did you ever ignore your gut intuition and live to regret it? Or follow your gut and live to thank yourself?


These hunches, instincts, knowings - your mind probably tried to argue with them, right? You may have even sided with your mind. But they persisted. They didn't just go away quietly the first or 20th time your mind demanded proof. They dug their little heels in and stayed put.


So here's the deal. Everyone is psychic. EVERYONE.


Let that sink in for a minute.


Yes, this means you too.


And I am also psychic.


And everyone you see around you is psychic.


"Being psychic" really isn't just for "special people."


Weird, right?


Does this mean you have to go tell your parents, your partner, your boss that you are psychic? It sure doesn't. (When I told my mom, she nodded her head solemnly and said, "yes, you really are." Which was kind of cool, actually.) But you don't have to do that. You can keep your cool psychic-ness all to yourself if that feels right.


Who you tell or don't tell won't change the truth. We are all psychic. Why? Because psychic senses are survival senses. They are the same senses animals use to sense the intentions of the other beings all around them in the forest or the ocean or the desert or your backyard.


This can become a really deep topic really quickly and we only have a blog's worth of time and space here. So rather than tackle all the myriad reasons why being psychic isn't a quick ticket to a perfect life, I will just share this one tidbit.


Tuning in takes time. And practice.

This is because the mind likes to get into the mix and add its two cents. And if we have even one tiny moment of mental distraction that mutes our psychic-sensory awareness, all kinds of things can happen.

For example, we can miss our psychic senses trying to warn us of danger or alert us to opportunity. Or we can get our mind's messages confused with our psychic messages and listen to the wrong channel and do the wrong thing.

It takes a lifetime - lifetimes, perhaps - to even come close to mastering "being psychic." And then there are other factors, like life lessons and soul karma and all that other good stuff to factor in as well.


For now, what I want you to know is that you are psychic (as in, at least now aware of or perhaps even a little tuned in to your psychic senses).


And your animal is very psychic (as in, very tuned in to their psychic senses).


Now, is being psychic the same thing as being able to talk to animals? Yes and no.


Remember all those years you went to school to learn how to use your native language? My native language is English. I can remember quite well all the years - decades, really - of super boring classes about conjugating verbs, adverbs (what are those again?), use of tenses, etc, etc, etc.


I took English classes from kindergarten through college and I STILL have more to learn!


In fact, I am only fluent in two languages: English (but only the American version) and the universal language of all species, aka animal communication.


This is the difference between being psychic and being able to talk to animals.


It isn't enough to just have a birthright gift. You also have to learn how to use it.


And while it is TOTALLY possible for you to learn to talk to animals just like I have learned to talk to animals, you may not have the time or ability to drop everything and start studying when your pet is in the middle of an emergency.


Just as you wouldn't want your neighbor's kid who is a new medical student operating on your dog, you probably don't want a person (including yourself!) who has taken one "intro to animal communication" course trying to talk to your pet to learn their last wishes.


In these types of high-emotion or crisis moments, it makes sense to work with a pro - an animal communicator who has put in enough time and study and practice to become skilled at talking to animals using the universal language we all share.


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