Do You Have a Soul Pet Animal?

animal communication pet soul contract May 04, 2022
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What is a soul animal? How do you know if you have one? Is a soul animal the same as a spirit animal, totem animal, family pet? Soul animals have specific traits and characteristics to watch for. In this post, animal communicator Shannon Cutts with Animal Love Languages unpacks the mystique surrounding soul animals in our lives.


"Soul animal." The phrase sounds trendy. Catchy. Perhaps a touch cliche.

But is it a real thing? Do soul animals really exist?

As a matter of fact, they do. Soul animals are very real.

If you have ever heard the phrase "soul contracts" you probably recall these are deep bonds we share with other beings for the purposes of personal growth, healing and evolution.


We can have soul contracts with people. We can also have soul contracts with pets. We can even have soul contracts with animals that are not our pets, such as other people's pets or wild animals.


It is also possible to have soul contracts with a spirit animal or totem animal who comes to us in dreams, in meditations or in other ways to deliver messages and interact with us in personally meaningful ways.


Soul animals are similar, in that they can have a profound impact on our life. But they are also different in that there is a shared benefit to both us, the person, and the other participant, our animal.


Take my parrot, Pearl, as an example. Pearl and I have been together since he was a five-week-old chick. I rescued him from a nest bullying situation at a local Petsmart. When he came into my life, he was a scrawny, scruffy baby bird who was missing three claws and the tip of his left wing. His whole body was matted with baby bird formula.


He looked on the outside the way I felt on the inside at that time in my life. Beaten down by life. Dejected. Rejected. Exhausted. Yet still hopeful. Somehow.


The moment I saw him, I stretched out my oh-so-reluctant arm (you can read the full story in our memoir, Love & Feathers) and he hopped on. Crawled up my arm and proceeded to bury himself in my hair for the next 45 minutes. From deep within, I heard my own voice speaking out loud to him and saying "You are love with wings, aren't you?"


Indeed he was. And is. That was 23 years ago.


Pearl has healed me. He has healed our family. He has inspired me to launch two businesses. He has given me the brave I needed to create Animal Love Languages. He has held me up, gotten me out of bed, kept me going through four catastrophic losses over the last year alone.


In return, I have gifted him with perpetual priority status in my life. In every decision I make, Pearl comes first. He has my whole heart and always will. He is the avian love of my life.


Please understand, this does not take away from the love I have to give or share with other animals (or people!) in my life. My current interspecies family includes my redfoot tortoise, Malti, and our family's dachshund, Flash Gordon. I love them both deeply. My heart is roomy that way.


So is yours.


In fact, I have a soul contract with each of my animal family members. Otherwise, they wouldn't be in my life and I wouldn't be in theirs.


My mom's soul animal was her previous dachshund, J.P. Morgan. Her favorite jewelry is a memory bracelet I gave her after he passed seven years ago. She still keeps his pictures up. And she often still cries when she talks or thinks about him.


This doesn't mean she doesn't deeply love Flash Gordon. But her bond with J.P. Morgan was special. Is special. Will always be special.


Sometimes soul animals are challenging to put into words. Because our heart and spirit doesn't need any help from the mind and its words to recognize a soul animal connection or validate that soul animals exist.


In that spirit, if you read the title of this blog post and thought to yourself, "Well, I'll see what she has to say but I already know what a soul animal is and I know who my soul animal is," you don't need this blog post.


(But I think it is pretty cool you decided to read it anyway.)


However, sometimes it can be nice to put the feelings in our heart and the movements of our spirit to words. Maybe you do have a really special bond with an animal who is in your current interspecies family or with a past pet you loved in a particularly deep and personally impactful way. But until now you've never know what to call that bond.


Soul animal. Soul pet. You can call it whatever feels right. But soul animal definitely fits.

Now, how is a soul animal or soul pet different from a spirit animal, totem animal or animal spirit guide?

Just like we have human mentors and unconditionally loving people in our life, so too do we have angels, spirit guides, light beings who love us and care for us in different ways.

The same holds true for our relationships with different species.


In the same way you have a soul pet or soul animal - an animal spirit that has chosen to incarnate into a physical body to have a relationship with your spirit in your body here on the Earth or physical plane - so too can you have spirit or totem animals and animal spirit guides that do not incarnate into a physical body but assist you in the subtle realms.


So you might always see a certain species of animal in your dreams or in your meditations. For me, I sometimes see owls, bears and lions in my dreams. Once I saw a king cobra in meditation (all I can say there and....yikes!).


These animals might come into my subtle awareness because they bring important messages or guidance. If you see a particular species or a particular animal a lot in your subtle state, such as in dreams or meditations, it is likely an animal spirit guide, totem animal or spirit animal you are perceiving.


Consider now whether you have one or more spirit animals or animal spirit guides that assist you, encourage you or support you in some way.


And do you have a soul animal or soul pet? Is one of your personal animals, whether in the past or at the present time, a soul animal in your life?


Soul animals often bring deep meaning and particularly practical messages and inspiration with them when they enter our life. And even once their physical body gives out and they cross back over to the spirit side, our soul pets maintain their bond with us.


Would you like to reconnect with a soul pet who has passed? Do you wonder what messages your current soul animal wants to share with you? I can help.

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