Did Your Pet Adopt You?

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As we learn more and more about animal cognition, emotion and intelligence, it becomes more and more humbling to be a human animal on this planet. The more we know, the less we truly know and the more there is to know about our animal companions and pet family members. For instance, how accurate is it to say you chose your pet? Did they perhaps also choose you? What do you think? Animal communicator Shannon Cutts shares insights from her human and companion animal clients.


I saw it again today while I was driving here and there running errands.

"Who rescued who?"

Have you ever looked at your beloved animal companion and wondered the same?

I mean, just being honest here - what would your life look like, feel like, be like today if your paths had never crossed?





So the question I want to ask you is, who chose who? How did you know your furry or feathered or shelled or finned companion was "the one" for you? How did your animal let you know they chose you?


The other day my mom was telling me about one of her neighbors and how he met his dog. He said he particularly wanted a male dog with a certain physical appearance. But when he went to select his puppy, this little female pup kept following him around. Everywhere he walked, she (ahem) dogged his heels!


Guess which puppy ended up coming home with Mom's neighbor?


Or were you like me when I first met my Pearl - still heartbroken over another animal and absolutely determined never ever to get another pet companion? But.....but, but, but.....and in spite of that big stack of "buts" you made a big commitment to a new canine or feline or avian or reptilian or mammalian love that day?


They do have their ways.


When I teach animal communication, I emphasize right up front that interspecies communication is not a skill to be learned but rather an inbuilt part of our operating system to be reactivated and put to good use. Conversing across species boundaries is something all animal species do regularly - well, all except our own. But it is our birthright. It is an epically essential aspect of who we are and how we are wired. And so for most of my students, actually learning to talk to animals quickly starts to feel much more like remembering a neglected skill than learning something brand new.


Practicing animal communication is very humbling for this same reason. For once in our lives, the animals are the masters and we their apprentices. Our pets are fluent in the universal language of all species and we are standing there holding the equivalent of our little translator book or app, bumbling around and making all sorts of beginners errors.


And the animals are so very patient with us!


Because animal communication requires an awake and aware intuitive system, it is one of the fastest and best ways to realize just how much animals of other species see and hear and know about us that we are completely oblivious to. One of the things the animals know that we often don't at first is which one of us is meant to be their person.


When I facilitate animal communication sessions for my human clients who want to call a new animal into their life or learn more about why their current animal is in their life, the animals always show me more or less the same scene.


There is kind of an old school job board - a tack board or cork board with a bunch of what look like job descriptions hanging on it. And the animals (in their spirit-side forms) are all clustered around this board, jostling to see over each other to read the job descriptions.

On each piece of paper, there is a photo of a human, a little about their personality, their strengths, their challenges, what they want and need in an animal companion.

And every time an animal finds their human, they reach up and grab that person's job description off the board and march away with it to wherever animals go to sign up for a new incarnation.

It is pretty cool.


And it also shows me plain as day how the animals are the ones doing the choosing.


They've been in charge of choosing us all along.


Would you like to know how your animal knew you were "the one" for them? Are you seeking your next pet and you aren't sure how you will recognize one another? I can help.


Scheduling your pet's animal communication session couldn't be easier! 

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