Chief the German Shepherd's Story: May I Take Your Order?

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 Chief the german shepherd dog

Can animals still talk to us after they have died? Do they know how much we miss them? What choices do our beloved pets have once they have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge? Chief's story is an inspiring example of how bottomless grief can turn into resounding joy.


Every week I get the chance to talk with some amazing animals and some equally amazing humans. Serving pets and their people as an animal communicator is such a humbling blessing! I honestly, truly feel like I receive so much from the animals - more even than what I can offer them.

Chief's story is a perfect example of this.

I met Chief one evening when his person, Betty, scheduled a Rainbow Bridge animal communication session with me. She had been referred to me by two of my clients and she wanted to talk about her beautiful boy's passing.

Betty had a very specific question for Chief. She wanted to know if she had made the right decision to let him go.


When I tuned in with Chief, I immediately saw an absolutely regal looking large black animal walking towards me. He greeted me by lifting his paw, like royalty might do for an admiring peasant. I took it and he inclined his head with the merest of nods by way of greeting.


When Chief finally spoke, it was in the form of a pronouncement. "I know lots of people words!" By his tone, I received the knowing that "lots" means hundreds, not just what you could count on 10 fingers and 10 toes. I will tell you - I was impressed.


Then he asked me a question. He inquired, "How many German Shepherd words do you know?"


At this point I was more than impressed. I was speechless. And (frankly) embarrassed. "Well, not many, Chief. Will you teach me?"


Chief immediately started to move his body in the energetic space we shared together. He wriggled. He jumped. He wagged his tail. He crouched. Each movement was different. And each was accompanied by a distinctive bark or vocalization of some kind. I received the knowing that these movement/sound combinations were words in his language.


It was remarkable. I was blown away. Here I was, a professional animal communicator, being taught how to speak German Shepherd like the absolute beginner that I so obviously was.


I can tell you - I will never forget this experience to the end of my days.


But what came next was even more mind-blowing (if that is even possible).


As Betty and I worked our way through her questions, talking back and forth with Chief as if he was right there on the Zoom with us, we got to the point where we began talking through her plans to invite another companion canine into her life.


Betty wanted to know what Chief thought about it. Specifically, after many years of raising German Shepherds from puppyhood, she now had some ideas about adopting an older dog of a different breed and a dream to engage in service work with her new pet.


But Betty also wanted Chief back. And this felt like a case of having to choose between what her heart wanted and what her life needed.


I explained this to Chief while Betty listened intently.


Then Chief spoke.


"I am ready to come back to you. I'm just waiting for you to put in your order."


There was dead silence. Betty and I just stared at each other, thunderstruck.


It's not that I am any stranger to pets and their people wanting to reunite after pet death. But it was the way Chief said it. His intention was so clear - he wanted his person to have exactly the experience she felt was best for her at her stage of life. AND he wanted to come back to her.


Chief clearly didn't see any obstacle to returning in the body of an older animal. He didn't see any obstacle to returning in the body of a different dog breed. He didn't see any obstacle to any aspect of Betty's dream.


Most vitally, Chief was already standing by, willing and ready to make it happen for himself and for Betty.


By the time our session with Chief ended, Betty had her homework assignment and was already working on it. She needed to place her order. She needed to get very specific and tell Chief exactly what she needed and wanted in her new canine family member.


And I for one cannot wait to hear what happens next! 

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