Channy the Dog's Story: A Whole New World

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Channy the dog

When a big loss is looming, it often gives us tunnel vision. To protect ourselves from unmentionable heartache, we feel tempted to decide in advance how the loss itself will affect us from that moment forward. This is part of what makes working with pets and their people so interesting! Do pets share our dread of pet loss, death and grief? Or do our animals have access to a bigger picture perspective? Channy's story is the perfect way to answer this question.


Channy was tired. "Flattened," she told me. She had no energy to even lift her paws. And no energy to pass naturally. "I'm going to need some help."

Just then, a flamingo danced in front of my inner screen. My inner eyes widened with delight, then narrowed with confusion. Huh?

Suddenly the rest of the message arrived. I saw the ending scene from the now-classic movie Titanic, where Kate Winslett is young again ascending the staircase to meet a dashing Leonardo diCaprio.


Grace. Ease. Poise. Channy was telling me she wanted to pass gracefully. By this time she was quite literally surrounded by pink - the pink of the archangel Shamuel, who had chosen to grace our gathering in the form of the equally graceful pink flamingo. The pink of princesses through and through, whether embodied or in spirit.


I asked Channy the question I ask every pet who is entering their end-of-life transition. "Who was waiting for you across the rainbow bridge?" Usually I see one, perhaps a few, significant others eagerly awaiting their love's arrival.


Not with Channy. She had a receiving line. Dogs, dogs, dogs, stretching back as far as my spirit eyes could see. Past playmates, family members, her human Lynn's other pups, a whole canine greeting committee. And there was one special pup. Here, I was getting a name beginning with the letter "B." "Barney? Bennet? Barret? Bradley?" I passed this information along to Lynn in hopes it might spark recognition.


(It didn' least not right away. A few days passed and then Lynn texted me to ask if perhaps the dog might have been Berlee, as in Black Onyx of Berlee, aka Robin, the first dog she ever kept company with.)




This very special pup was Channy's twin flame. Her partner throughout the lifetimes was waiting for her across the veil. And they were so eager to be reunited on the spirit side.


But Channy wasn't done talking. She had some parting words of wisdom to share as well as a special request.


Specifically, Channy wanted Lynn to build a special place of connection and meditation where they could be together on the inside.

And she wanted this area to have pink. Lots of pink.

Pink crystals. Pink flowers - lots of different kinds. A glamour shot (or few) of Channy. And a tiara. Because all princesses have one.

Lynn was smiling through her tears as I relayed this information.


Channy also wanted to express her gratitude for Lynn's strength. As often happens during my animal communication conversations, she drew my attention to one of my favorite movies. In this case, the movie was "Arrival," which emphasizes how we sign up for the journey, the experiences, even though we already know how it is going to end. We sign up to love and be loved, knowing full well that at some point we will also be asked to be stronger than we ever believed we could be.


We sign up because we already know the past, future, present and we already know that being strong enough to hold suffering is only a small part of the bigger picture. The real purpose is to recognize that it is this same strength that we need to hold JOY.


Channy was so clear on this point. Lynn's own spiritual studies and practices would be sufficient to allow them to meet halfway across the rainbow bridge and continue to deepen and evolve their relationship, body or no body. This would allow for the opening of a portal for ongoing two-way communication. It would allow spirits on the other side to say what they need to say. And it would allow Lynn to receive their messages.


At this point, you could have heard a pin drop. And I will tell you what - this was the first time I have ever facilitated an interspecies conversation only to discover my human client was being invited into experiences of mediumship!


Channy continued her instructions. She told Lynn to spend their last days together sitting quietly with her and feeling into her energetic signature. "Space, time, quiet. This is what you need and you will begin to feel it. Then we can be together always."


A few days later, I received a beautiful and emotional email from Lynn. She wrote:


Channy’s passing was sweet, elegant and graceful in our home complete with all our little princess requested right down to the pretty pink bow she wanted.  As we were ready to begin she settled down next to me her head resting on her paws and raised her cute little eyebrows to look at me one last time.  I offered a prayer, layed down and wrapped my body around hers synchronized my breath with hers until she crossed over.  My heart is broken yet at the same time very peaceful.  Without you Shannon, Channy’s transition would not have been as sweet and gentle as it was.  Nor would our last weeks have been so richly filled. You Shannon and your work in the world is a true gift to the animal kingdom you serve.  And you are indeed in sacred service!!!  So grateful for the day our paths crossed. Now it is time for a deep rest and inner time for me.  We will see where Channy’s and my love story takes us connecting thru the veil a never ending continuum of love.  With a heart that is deeply grateful, Lynn and my Channy


Are you struggling to cope with the enormity of your beloved animal's end-of-life process? I can help....but even more importantly, your animal can help. My role is as interspecies intermediary - translator if you will - and it would be my honor to support you and your pet to remain connected even after death.

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