Mo's Story: the Cat With Moves Like Jagger

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Sharlene Berger Mo cat

Once upon a time there lived a woman and a man. They had a wonderful interspecies family of two humans, two cats and three birds.

The woman, Sharlene, had a particularly close bond with one of the cats. This cat, Mo, had a certain way of entering a room that could literally turn heads.

How do I know? 

Because Mo told me when I communicated with him. 

Mo made his transition to spirit earlier this month, and that was when mom Sharlene reached out and asked me to connect with him. She had some very specific questions and also some things she wanted to tell Mo. 

I was happy and honored to be invited to the conversation.

As always, I wanted to gather a bit of information about Mo up front - just to make sure Sharlene felt confident I was really talking with "her" Mo cat.

Meeting Mo the Cat

So I introduced myself to Mo and asked him to share his personality with me - perhaps something he really loved about himself, a favorite treat or toy, something he enjoyed doing with his mom and human family.

Instantly a familiar tune started to play inside my head. It was a song I know well - "Moves Like Jagger" from one of my favorite bands, Maroon 5.

As the rhythm really picked up, a fabulous feline suddenly entered my inner space. He held his tail high in the air, with just a little crook at the end for some extra flair.

Mo let me know he knew just how to make an entrance and boy did he love to turn heads!

When I told Sharlene, she immediately shared: 

You are right at how he "moves like jagger" - he had two walks - one was like a meerkat with his tail straight up....that was his "we're going walkies" & he had a Sylvester Stallone rocky muscleman type walk that was "I'm going somewhere."

Then she sent me this picture - I burst out laughing because it is an exact mirror image of what Mo showed me in my inner space.


Will Mo Reincarnate to Sharlene Again?

But Mo was far from finished with what he had to say. Sharlene then asked if Mo, who was her soul cat in every way, was planning on reincarnating and how she could find him again without letting her doubting mind talk her out of recognizing him in his new body.

Mo had very precise instructions for her, although they weren't of the "go down to the corner of Fifth and Main at two o'clock on a Tuesday and I'll be the kitten in the brown box...." kind of instructions.

Rather, Mo wanted Sharlene to know that she had an inner compass she already knew how to use to find him - and it was inside her own body!

Mo explained to Sharlene how she can use her body's movements to feel his energy - his energetic fingerprint - in his new body. This would work, Mo explained, as it had already worked well for her many times before. He asked me to tell his mom::

When it's me, you will spontaneously, automatically move towards me, you will lean forward, your body will move. Love never lies. Love recognizes each other. You will recognize me. 

Mo also wanted Sharlene to know he trusted her completely to recognize him and to find him again in his new body.

Another Sign from Mo

Then Mo wanted to share with Sharlene something very special that he did with her and with her partner (aka CatDad) as a further sign that it was really him. He explained to me how he would press his paw into their hands as an energetic exchange.

He told Sharlene he did this because he knew she found it very calming and it would always bring her mind back to the present moment. He wanted to encourage her to use it as a tool to help her find him again.

Sharlene sent me this photo to explain what Mo was showing me:



He had plenty more to share with Sharlene and CatDad about special things and special times, including the evening before he transitioned when they were all able to spend one final night together as a family. 

Questions for Pets in Spirit

When I am talking with a pet who has transitioned to spirit, I always ask them what it is like where they are now in their spirit body. And I always ask who they are with.

Right away, Mo showed me a beautiful pastoral scene of a farm with various animals, including a horse with a flowing mane and a bright round pink pig. 

A few days later, Sharlene wrote to me to share:

You've have also sent me on a path of discovery for myself. I have always known I need to look deeper inside myself & believe in my own personal beliefs (instead of being swayed by others for being 'different') so I have restarted my daily meditation up at the farm.

It is a beautiful gift when I get to help soulmates reconnect and find a deeper connection with one another beyond the body.

This was definitely the case with Sharlene and her soul cat, Mo. She let me know she has taken all of what Mo had to share to heart and is using his wisdom to believe in herself again.

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