Casi the Dog's Story: We Are Partners

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Casi the dog

Pet death is one of the top two reasons pet guardians reach out to me for an animal communication session. What are these caring humans hoping to receive from working with me? Always, a safe space to be seen, heard, supported. Often, a glimpse into the world across the Rainbow Bridge. And frequently, a glimmer of hope that the death of their pet's body is not the end of their heart connection. But what is possible when your animal's physical form is no longer habitable? Casi's story holds the answer to this question.


Casi and her human, Elisa, had been together for 14 years. Glorious years. Challenging years. Memorable years. Years neither of them would trade for anything else.

But now Casi's body was wearing out, and fast.

One night she landed in the veterinary ER in extreme pain.

This was when Elisa reached out to me for an emergency animal communication conversation. She wanted to know whether Casi wanted her give the vet the green light to proceed with tests and then invasive cancer treatments that might buy Casi a few more months in her body.


On a truly soul level, Elisa also wanted - needed - to know something else. She needed to know how on earth she was going to survive Casi's inevitable passing, whether that happened tomorrow or a few months down the line.


Because.....inseparable. Heart to heart. Soul to soul. These two - where one was, the other was sure to be.


When I tuned in with Casi, her strong, calm, wise spirit sounded nothing like her increasingly weakened physical body. And she was crystal clear. No tests. No treatments. Casi also shared the reason why: the protocol the vet was proposing wouldn't work. The moment the veterinary surgical team went in to try to remove the mass in her shoulder, they would discover it was essentially inoperable, at least from a quality of life perspective.


[I am not a veterinarian or a trained medical professional, although I do have training in medical intuition. For ethical purposes, I always make this distinction up front to my human client. However, this does not mean I can't ask my pet clients questions of a medical nature as it may serve to highlight the animal's wishes for their own healthcare or transition.]


As an alternate to treatment, Casi had a request to make of Elisa: "Can we go home now?" When I asked Casi where "home" was, she replied, "I am ready for my wings."


After taking a few minutes to breathe, cry, breathe some more, I asked Casi a question I ask every pet client in transition. "Who is waiting for you on the other side?"


To my surprise, I saw a single older gentleman standing at the end of a light-infused path. His face wore a slightly sad, somewhat dazed and confused expression.

As I watched this inner movie in my intuitive mind's eye, Casi appeared at the start of this same path. All at once the gentleman's face cleared. His eyes brightened and he dropped down into a surprisingly sprightly squat and flung his arms out wide!

Casi responded instantly. She broke into a flat-out run and in an instant they were reunited as she wriggled into his arms and licked and kissed him all over his face.


Who was this mystery man? Casi shared he was her guardian from a previous incarnation who had just transitioned himself. He was feeling quite lost and lonely on the other side, unable to get his bearings somehow. He needed her. Casi told me to tell Elisa that this gentleman would not be able to settle into life in spirit until she arrived to help him get oriented. She was planning to spend a little time with him across the veil before.....


.....coming right back to Elisa in a new body!


Elisa's exhausted, anxious eyes, a moment ago filling with tears, lit up. But Casi wasn't finished.


She went on to say, "Mom, I have loved (LOVED) my life with you." She showed me the infinity symbol. Then she said "We are ALWAYS together. My life is your life. I live on through you."


Casi made a point of emphasizing that she and Elisa are - are, not were - a team. Partners. And that partners support each other. Sometimes one partner needs a lot of support. And sometimes the other partner needs lots of support.


Right now, Casi told Elisa, she needed a lot of support. She needed help to lift up and out of her physical body, which was no longer a safe or comfortable home for her spirit. She needed to travel across the veil to comfort her former guardian who was floundering without her.


And she needed Elisa to trust that there is more to transitions in and out of a physical body than could ever meet the physical eye.


Elisa asked Casi when she wanted to transition. And Casi's reply was simple and direct.


"Now is good."


The following day, I received this message from Elisa:


Thank you for the session. Hearing from Casi helped me to gather the courage and strength to release her from her pain. Around 8:30AM today Casi crossed the rainbow bridge while in my lap and her head cradled in my arms. I want her back already.


And we will be getting to work on that here two days' time, to be precise. There is much much more to Elisa and Casi's story. Partners - at least in their case - is a forever kind of thing.


Are you struggling through the throes of navigating your pet's end of life transition? Are you missing a soul pet who has crossed? I can help.

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