Can Your Pet Reincarnate and Come Back to You?

animal communication pet reincarnation pets in spirit Jun 01, 2022
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Can pets reincarnate? If pets can reincarnate, can they come back to be with you again? How can you find a pet who has reincarnated and is waiting to reunite with you? Is there a danger your pet will reincarnate but you will never find each other again? Animal communicator Shannon Cutts talks about the mysterious world of pet reincarnation.


Pet reincarnation, like people reincarnation, can bring up strong opinions. So can life after death for pets or people.

Yet in my experience, many more pet parents believe in pet life after death and pet reincarnation than will necessarily admit to it.

Beliefs are at their core are mental concepts. To date, I have observed there are two main scenarios through which we typically form our core beliefs:


  1. We haven't had actual experience to back up our belief (or disbelief) in something, but we have been told by someone we trust that it is (or is not) possible.
  2. We have had some kind of actual personal experience that forms our belief (or disbelief) in something.


In my experience, pet parents who do not believe in pet life after death or reincarnation for pets fall into the former category.


The sad part here is that when we form a belief in this way, by taking somebody else's word for it (even if that someone is a high authority figure in our life), we often close ourselves off to any experiences that might be showing up to change or evolve our personal belief system.


In my world, it is always better to ask for direct personal evidence before deciding whether I believe something or don 't believe it.


Here is an example of how this might work. Let's say your pet passes away. You have a very strong belief that pet life after death is not possible. Yet you keep hearing your pet barking or meowing. You hear the tap-tap-tap of toenails echoing in the hallways at night. Sometimes you wake up and could swear your pet is beside you on the bed (or in the case of one pet parent I worked with, laying right across their face!).


But you don't acknowledge or even allow yourself to really experience any of this. Because, of course, you don't believe in life after death.


So rather than simply set your mind against it, perhaps it would be fun to pray or contemplate or set an intention or ask whomever or whatever higher connecting force you believe might be listening to gift you with direct personal experience to help you decide what you believe.


I have worked with pet parents who will book a session because they are convinced their new pet is a reincarnation of their old pet because of some mannerism or personality trait that the new pet exhibits that is so unique and reminds them of their pet who has passed. What they want to know is "is this possible?"


So we ask the animal.


Typically, we discover one of two things is true. Either their new pet is in fact the reincarnation of the departed pet, or the the new pet is being coached or even occasionally inhabited by the departed pet. In both cases, the pet's intention is the same: to achieve a continuation of the relationship.


This is great, right? It is, and yet there is something that could make it even greater.


That something is the pet parent's conscious awareness and recognition of their pet's efforts to return to them.


In fact, did you know you can even set an intention before your pet passes to ask them to return to you in a new body?

You can talk to your animal and ask them to return. You can also do this after your pet has passed and you don't have to wait any length of time before you do this.

This way, you can also ease yourself through the natural and inevitable grief process when your pet leaves their body.


Rather than getting stuck in grieving an event that occurred in your shared past, you can find motivation to move through your grief and look forward to the relief and excitement of being reunited with your beloved pet in their new body.


There is lots more to talk about - this is a huge topic. You probably have lots of questions! I can help.


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