Can I Talk to My Pet Right After They Die?

animal communication pet grief support pets in spirit Dec 22, 2021
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Losing a pet is hard. Painful. Lonely. We don't want to be apart for one second and suddenly we are facing a lifetime of separation. Can animal communication help? How soon will your pet be done transitioning and ready to talk to you? Rainbow Bridge animal communicator Shannon Cutts answers these questions and more.


My heart is with you. It is INCREDIBLY difficult to say goodbye to our animal loves. In many cases, my clients confide privately that it was harder to cope with their pet's passing than with some human losses they've endured.


Why is this?


Pets love us unconditionally. Even the difficult ones. Even the unruly ones. Even the ones who never seemed to warm up to us like we'd hoped for. Even the rescues who spat or hissed or bit or viewed our world as their toilet. They all love us unconditionally. And unconditional love is the hardest kind of love to feel separated from.


Animal communication and pet mediumship offers an immediate point of reconnection. Yes, your pet's precious physical form will still be missing. But their spirit - the essence of who they are to you - is available immediately to you for comfort.


You will notice I say "immediately."


This is my truth based on experiences I have had communicating with animals in the afterlife.


Pets don't view death the way most people do - as something to delay as long as possible (or preferably fix and solve so we don't have to ever do it!). For animals, death is simply a trip to another state of being, one that offers different freedoms and experiences than what is available to them when they live in an embodied state.


In other words, animals don't fear death or avoid death the way most of us do.


Now, does this mean an animal who is being predated upon in a wild setting isn't going to feel that fear and desire to escape and live to tell of it? No it doesn't. Animals, like people, have a well-built survival instinct and a fully functioning fight or flight response system that will kick in whenever danger looms.


But on the spirit/soul level, when the time to die is upon them, our pets accept it. An animal's soul transitions with an easy little lift up and out of their physical container and into the spirit dimension.


So it is quick. One reason death happens more quickly for the non-human animals in our life is because our pets don't have to do battle with their hyper-involved prefrontal cortex before and during the process of death. All those thoughts, all that rationalizing and analysis, clogs the spirit pipeline. It slows the process down. It lowers the vibration from the physical side so it is harder for the spirit to make its crossing.


Our pets don't have to cope with an overactive intellect when it is time to die. Animals retain their communion with the rest of the natural world, with its ebbs and flows, its seasons and its cycles of birth, death and rebirth.

So our pets see death as a natural experience, once which has its place and its reason for existing.

All this to say, if you have ever been present for your pet's actual transition, you have probably witnessed how it happened in a moment.


What you may not have known or sensed - due to your own grief and emotion and the mind's mentalizing and getting in the way - is that just one moment later, your pet was in the afterlife.


And perhaps you even experienced how, later on that day or in the middle of the night or the next morning, you heard or bark or chirp or meow or whinny or something else occurred to give you pause....could it be.....was, that's right. My pet is dead.


No. Your pet is not dead. Your pet's body is dead. Your pet is alive. And you can talk to your pet. Right now. You don't have to wait. There is no two week hold or three month suspension until your animal gets situated in spirit.


Your beloved pet is situated and waiting to speak with you. Are you ready? I can help.


Scheduling your pet's animal communication session couldn't be easier! 

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