Can EMF Pollution Hurt Your Pet?

animal communication highly sensitive pets pet wellness Mar 02, 2022
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EMFs. EMRs. WiFi. Ionizing vs non-ionizing. What the heck? What do you need to know about EMF pollution? Can it really harm your pet? If yes, how can you protect your pet? Animal intuitive Shannon Cutts simplifies the complex topic of EMR protection for pets.


Recently I was talking with a cat. She had been having "mystery" health symptoms that ebbed and flowed right along with her energy level and vitality for life. What could be the problem?

More urgently, what could her mom do to help her precious feline feel better fast?

When I tuned in, the first image I received from this cat was an unforgettable inverted V-shape. It was brilliant deep purple. If you are familiar with the pet chakra system, you may recall seeing purple associated with the crown chakra.


Open crown chakra....good. Usually.


But not in this particular case. The inverted position of the purple V showed me something hugely important. This cat's crown chakra was wide open and letting in any and every random frequency that might be floating by.


She was like a rogue radio receiving tower with no off switch! No wonder this kitty was having obvious surges and ebbs as her energy level fluctuated along with the intensity and quality of the "transmissions" she was receiving.


If you are a highly sensitive person or know somebody who is, you already understand how important it is to learn how to set strong, healthy, protective energetic boundaries. (It is important for all of us, in fact, not just for the HSPs among us.)


But what many pet parents don't realize is that being highly sensitive isn't just for people.


Pets can be highly sensitive too.


Regardless of species, being born highly sensitive is equal parts gift and challenge. However, where people can study with a teacher or mentor and learn how to protect ourselves energetically from strong impulses, energies and frequencies (regardless of their source), pets are both more vulnerable to strong frequencies and also less well equipped to protect themselves from the same.


In this, our pets rely on us, their people, to help them.


Here, it is important to remember how our own species is literally changing the biochemical nature of this planet we share with all the other species. For example, certain types of frequencies our species have brought into the world with our rapidly evolving technological inventions are not naturally-occurring. This means our animal bodies - again regardless of species - don't automatically know what they are, what to do with them or how to process them and move them through our systems.


And just like some people have a harder time digesting GMOs (genetically modified foods) than others, some people have a harder time "digesting" strong human-created frequencies such as the type emitted by cell phone towers, GPS tracking devices, X-rays, gamma rays, magnetic fields and more.


Highly sensitive beings of all species will have a harder time coping with all of the above and more. And highly sensitive pets will have the hardest time of all.


Don't get me wrong. My cat client had other things going on besides being stuck in a chronically open receiving mode to any and all floating frequencies. But this certainly wasn't helping any.


So what exactly are we talking about here? In a word, electro-pollution.


There are two basic categories of electro-pollution: ionizing and non-ionizing. And while the topic itself might not yet be common in everyday conversation, we are all already quite familiar with both types.


Modern human-made ionizing electro-pollution is most readily found in the medical field in the form of diagnostic testing like X-rays and radiation.


Modern human-made non-ionizing electro-pollution is as easy to find as the cell phone in your pocket or the satellite TV receiver on your roof.


It is true that the majority of research to date has focused on how ionizing electromagnetic frequencies affect the body in potentially positive ways. This, of course, is because X-rays and radiation are so often used to diagnose and treat us - and our pets.


You might be wondering, if EMFs are so bad, how have we survived and even evolved for so many millennia in their presence? This is such a good question. The concern arises because the levels are constantly increasing. Our bodies have never had to cope with such electromagnetic intensity on all levels - high, medium and low frequencies.


An easy way to understand the possible impact is to use food as an analogy. A century ago, our ancestors still ate relatively simply. Sugar and fat levels were modest at best. Contrast that with the highly processed, sugar and fat-loaded foods we eat today. It isn't a huge stretch to link the change in our eating to the rise in certain health issues.


The same could be said for EMFs and their impact on both pets and people, especially when we consider the rise of human-made EMFs that our bodies do not recognize. *

So how can you protect your pet....and yourself?

The simplest way is to limit your exposure.

Yet in a world where we are quite literally surrounded by smart devices that are constantly sending messages back and forth to each other - often while we are right there in the room with them! - this is no small challenge.

So what is a worried pet parent to do? Here are three suggestions I would like to offer.


1. Invest in an EMR blocking device.


The risk of ongoing exposure is why I recommended that our kitty's mom invest in an EMF (EMR) blocker for her cat.


EMF blocking devices don't have to be expensive or complicated, although certainly some enterprising marketers might tell you otherwise.


2. Increase daily nutrient intake.


A nutrient-dense daily diet is always a great idea. I am not a veterinary dietitian, of course. But my cat client did give me some indicators of where her mom could start researching to add even more nutrition into to her diet.


I was happy to pass kitty's requests along for her mom to contemplate and implement as it felt right to do so.


3. Add harmony and balance to the home.


I loved working with this cat and her mom. Such evolved spirits, both, and eager to consider fresh new ideas to add supportive harmony and balance to their shared home space.


As directed by my cat client, I suggested several essential oils along with a specific carrier oil to serve as a natural protective barrier to the crown chakra and regulate some issues in the solar plexus chakra as well.


Another recommendation I shared was the use of white selenite crystal to absorb and neutralize toxic frequencies that may already be residing inside their space.


And I recommended scheduling an energy healing and animal Reiki treatment to help the cat detoxify and destress from over-exposure to EMFs.


As our reliance on digital and virtual connection and communication tools increases, this will only bring more and varied frequencies into our world. We will all need to find ways to adjust to this and buffer ourselves as necessary.


Are you concerned about how EMFs may be affecting your pet? I can help!


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