Can Crystal Therapy Help Your Pet?

animal communication pets crystals Apr 27, 2022
Cat with crystal blue eyes

Quartz. Selenite. Amethyst. Opal. Agate. Are they therapeutic for pets? Toxic? Or simply the equivalent of modern-day snake oil? Animal communicator and Reiki practitioner Shannon Cutts shares her favorite crystals for pet wellness and healing.


The truth is, nearly everything about the global connectivity of our daily lives relies on crystals in some form or another.

In fact, the devices we turn to to manage our connectivity are chock full of crystals. Graphite. Silicon. Quartz. Ruby. Lepidolite. Sphalerite (aka lithium). So many more.

Tiny sparkly things help us see and hear people on the other side of our round blue planet....and those living and working far beyond the outskirts of Earth's atmosphere.


Little wonder, then, that crystal healing is gathering its own kind of steam as a legitimate - and legitimized - path to improved health, wellness and interconnection.


Sure, using crystals for personal and pet wellness, resilience, longevity, detoxification, peace and inspiration will always sound "woo" to some. And maybe I'm weird this way, but I like woo. Woo is cutting edge. Woo is where all the cool stuff happens. Because woo allows all of me to experience and participate in all that life has to offer.


Including the life-enhancing properties of crystals.


There are hundreds of thousands of named crystals on this big blue and green rock we call home. The more scientific-minded among us might break them down further into systems, groups, types, sub-types....


Personally, I am more interested in their powers. Superpowers, even. It goes beyond the sparkle and shine (although that would be enough for me - I do like shiny things).


When I am working with a pet client through animal communication or energy healing, I often receive intuitive insights to share information with their person about specific crystals that might be beneficial or supportive in some way.


These are the top 10 crystals for pets that I find myself recommending again and again during my intuitive sessions.




If you read my post about protecting pets from EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies) you are already acquainted with shungite. As best we know, shungite is only found in and around the village of Shunga in Karelia, Russia.


Shungite is made up of carbon. But unlike near relatives diamond and graphite, shungite doesn't crystalize. It also contains molecular carbon (fullerenes) which is excellent for electrical conductivity.


This may be why shungite is so effective to protect against potentially harmful electromagnetic frequencies, or EMFs.




Selenite is a soft milky form of gypsum, a naturally occurring mineral. Selenite takes its name from the moon goddess Selene. Over the centuries, selenite has been used for everything from window glass to eyeglasses.


The soft, even brittle quality to selenite gives this stone its reputation as an energy shifter, detoxifier and balancing agent.


Selenite is also used to enhance sleep, "charge" and cleanse other crystals and induce calm.




Amethyst hails from the extensive quartz family of crystals. Amethyst is found on a spectrum from light to deep purple. Banded amethyst will include white striations throughout the stone.


Amethyst is extremely hard and durable. The darker the color, the more iron is present.


Amethyst is said to enhance healing, especially in the liver and pancreas. This crystal is also a natural aid to find calm and strength and a pain reliever.


Pink (Rose) Quartz.


Rose or pink quartz is also a member of the extended quartz family of crystals.


The pink tones of rose quartz give it a natural association with unconditional love, pure connection in relationships, self love and compassion.


Rescue animals in particular can benefit from rose quartz to help them overcome the after-effects of abuse, trauma, abandonment and rehoming. Rose quartz can also ease grief.


Clear Quartz.


Clear quartz is composed of translucent silica. Its reflective properties make it an excellent choice for amplifying the powers and benefits of other crystals.


Clear quartz is often used on its own to enhance mental purity and clarity, elevate low vibrations, balance the chakras and the body's energy systems and assist with clear results from muscle testing.


Clear quartz is often called the master healer for its durability and versatility. It is one of those crystals you just want to always have on hand.




Labradorite is the stone everyone associates with the mystical northern lights phenomenon known as Aurora Borealis.


Just looking at a labradorite stone easily explains why.


The pearly and luminescent colors really activate when the stone is exposed to a light source. Labradorite is composed of healthy helpings of calcium and feldspars (a huge component of our planet's crust).


Labradorite is the stone of mystics, helping to break through obstacles, protect and shield against negative energies and influences and boost intuition.




Citrine comes from the crystalline quartz family as well. Citrine comes in a color range from light lemon yellow all the way to a darker rusty orange-brown.


Depending on who you ask, the stone's name either means "lemon" or "sun stone." In either case, citrine is a great choice to elevate mood, open the door to new opportunities, purify the sacral and solar plexus chakras and improve self confidence.


Citrine is also a good choice to improve digestion.




Aquamarine is associated with water and the ocean, mostly because of its blue to blue-green color.


This crystal is a fabulous choice for pets who are afraid of water or dislike being in or near water (such as the local dog bath). Aquamarine can also help dehydrated pets hold onto moisture and become more willing to drink water.


For anxious pets, aquamarine is a calming, soothing stone that helps improve communication and ease emotional upset.




Hematite is composed of iron oxide. The Greek root of the word hematite translates to mean "blood."


Hematite is often used with pets who are recovering from illness, injury or surgery or who simply need more grounding, stability and protection in life.


Not surprisingly, hematite is also a good choice for pets with circulatory or blood issues.




Obsidian is actually natural volcanic glass. It is considered a form of igneous rock.


Obsidian is a connector back to the physical, natural world. It has negativity and toxin-absorptive properties and is grounding to the root chakra.


Obsidian is a perfect choice for rescue pets who have lost their sense of security and "home base" due to trauma or relinquishment. It is also a good stone to boost inner strength, resilience, courage and self-confidence.


Curious about how any (or all) of these beautiful crystals for pets can benefit your pet? I can help!

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