Can Animal Communication Fix Your Pet Problems?

animal communication pet behavior Dec 08, 2021
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Do you have a pet with problems? Do you have a pet causing problems? Are you running out of options for how to maintain harmony in your interspecies household? Can animal communication fix your pet? Hear what animal communicator Shannon of Animal Love Languages has to say.


People love pets. Even without statistics, it doesn't take particularly keen observation to notice the number of animals cohabitating with humans on the average block.


With statistics, we know that nearly 70 percent of American families include at least one pet. Many include more than one pet.

Statistics also tell us that more than six million pets enter shelters and rescue centers each year.

And thanks to statistics, we know that pet problems are the leading cause of pet relinquishments annually.


So clearly, "cuteness" alone is not enough to keep a pet in their forever home for....well....forever.


Every single day, somebody somewhere reaches out to a pet communicator to ask "can you fix my pet?" There is that hope. There is that desire to make things work, whether again or for the first time. There is that desire to avoid becoming a statistic - yet another pet parent who runs out of options before they run out of patience.


Can animal communication fix your pet?


The answer is "perhaps."


An interspecies relationship is still first and foremost a relationship. Relationships are complicated. Expecting a single session with any therapist - be it a physical therapist, a behavioral therapist, a family therapist, some other kind of therapist or an animal communicator - to produce miraculous results is the same as believing in miracles.


Believing in miracles is great. But it is one thing to have a miracle moment and quite another to make a momentary miracle return again and again and finally decide to stay for good.


For this, it usually takes a conversation that extends over time. It takes airing grievances, clearing the air by making amends, tossing around compromises, negotiating, clearing more get the idea.


Why is this? It is because fixing anything requires change. And it doesn't really matter what species you happen to be - change is hard. Most of us don't like change very much - so much so that even much desired change like meeting "the one" or planning a vacation to a bucket list destination can evoke as much anxiety and irritation as it does inspiration and anticipation.


Our animals tend to like change even less than we do, because animals live from their sensory bodies and maintaining an established routine can be life-saving.


Even though your pet no longer has to participate in the daily food chain o' life for real, they can't just turn off those instincts. Change makes you vulnerable. Changing something is a serious decision because it could be the last decision you ever make.


As well, a big energetic shift is required to adapt to sudden change and the animal is not always willing or able to make such a shift even when they are in optimal health in the prime of their life.


All of this to say - when we need to transform an energetic dynamic such as an entrenched recurring behavior problem our pet is exhibiting, trying to make this happen in a day or a week is like pulling a bandaid off a deep wound, thinking that the simple act of ripping away the bandage will make the wound itself disappear.


Instead, we wind up having to redress the wound and bandage it up all over again.


The truth is, nothing ever gets fixed without a thorough understanding of the issue itself. This takes connection. It takes conversation. It requires both parties to become more interested in hearing the other being's perspective than they are in pushing their own agenda or getting their own way.


If you as a pet parent are truly interested in walking a mile in your animal's shoes, understanding the why behind the what, considering wants and needs that might be totally foreign to you but are nevertheless vital to your pet's wellbeing, then animal communication just might fix your pet.


Or it might reveal that your pet has already been perfect all along and the fixing needs to come from a different place altogether - perhaps even within you.


Would you like to find out? I can help! As an animal communicator, I specialize in highly sensitive pets - pets that the less aware might simply label as "problem pets" even as they are relinquishing them to the local pet shelter.


You deserve better and so does your pet. Reach out and schedule a session to start the process of transforming your relationship with your pet.


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