Are You Investing In Your Pet's Wellbeing?

animal communication pet wellness Jan 04, 2023
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Every year, pet parents like you and me spend extraordinary amounts of hard-earned cash on our companion animals. Not millions - billions (and more than $200 billion globally, annually, to be exact). But how much of that spending pays off? In other words, how much of what we spend provides a return on investment in ways that matter to us - pet health, wellness, wellbeing, quality of life, a deeper relationship with us? Animal communicator Shannon Cutts takes on this tough, thorny, deeply important question.


As an animal communicator with a marketing and business background, you'd think I'd find the solopreneur life a slam-dunk.

Not so much.

Luckily, I have good taste in mentors - the kind who possess the skills and life experience I might lack. More importantly, these mentors have the objectivity to see into the gaps in my understanding, shining light in the dark places where I keep making more of the same unproductive choices while expecting different results.

What on earth does this have to do with pet parenting? Surprisingly, quite a lot! The other day, my current entrepreneurship mentor introduced us to a concept she calls "spending versus investing." In summary, when we spend money, it is spent.


It is gone. MIA.


But when we invest money.....that is a whole other experience, isn't it? An investment implies a bigger vision, expanded possibilities, hope, expectation, future outcomes much improved over our present-day reality.


Now, this doesn't mean what you or I may choose to invest in will always deliver back what we are expecting. Sometimes, we will get more than what we anticipated. Sometimes, it will be less, or just different.


At the very least, we receive the opportunity to learn, to make a new neural connection or few, to refine our future vision and choices from a wiser perspective. Investment always pays off in some greater way.


Spending rarely does.


So this is the question I bring to this week's blog discussion. What kind of return on investment do you see from the money you dedicate to caring for your pet?


It is totally fine if you don't know, by the way. These deeper questions can take some time to unpack. And it is also important to point out that we can always find some room for improvement in what we spend on and when and how we spend it. This isn't an invitation to dive into penny-pinching or perfectionism.


Rather, it is a call to awareness. How is the money you spend on your dog or cat, bird or turtle, horse or goat, snake or other species, serving your pet? And how is it serving you and the relationship you hope to have with your companion animal?


Isn't it true that when your pet is feeling fabulous - healthy and full of pep and energy - they are more likely to be able to join in fully to give and receive love, have shared adventures with you, make lasting memories?


Delving into the archives from the hundreds of animal communication conversations I have facilitated for pets and their people, I can say that diet plays a huge part in that. So does hydration. And so does high quality sleep. Fresh food, fresh water, deep sleep - these are the basics. They set the stage.


From there, it is all about refinement.


Here's the challenge with achieving impactful refinement when you are in an interspecies friendship. You have to be able to hear the other being's point of view. You need to know - from their perspective - what is working and what is not working.


And this requires communication. Conversation.



Another way to ask your pet what they want and need and how well what you are providing is meeting those wants and needs is to invite an animal communicator - an interspecies translator - to join in the conversation.


Then you can get the firsthand information you need to be able to truly shift any pet spending you may be doing in an investment-minded direction. Is your dog's food not nourishing enough? There are so many other options, including a fresh food diet, raw dog food, hybrid homemade dog food mixes and more.


Does your cat need more exercise to improve muscle tone and heart health into their senior years? This is such great information to have! All it takes is a quick browse online to cancel those pending feline treat orders and select a few interactive cat toys instead.


Is your parrot lonely during the day while you are at work? Once you know what your bird's experience of life is like when they are home alone, you can enjoy enriching their days by shifting your investments towards music composed to delight avian ears, interactive foraging toys birds love and so many more options besides.

Has your horse been longing for a more natural equestrian experience when you ride together? By inviting your horse to share honestly during an animal communication conversation, you may find you are embarking on a delightful new adventure together into natural horsemanship methods!


The opportunities to invest in your pet and into your shared relationship are endless. It all starts, however, when you ask your pet directly what they want and need and how to best meet those wants and needs.


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