Animal Communication Transforms An Itchy and Anxious Dog's Life

animal communication animal communication stories dogs Mar 15, 2023
Dachshund with dinosaur toy

Just because our animal companions are cute, cuddly and oh-so-special doesn't cancel out the challenges of the pet parent life. Being a professional animal communicator doesn't either! In fact, sometimes living with awakened intuition can even ramp up the interspecies family challenges because the potential to learn from our pets is even greater. Working animal intuitive Shannon Cutts shares the ongoing story of how animal communication is transforming the life of her family's eight-year-old standard wire-haired dachshund, Flash Gordon.


My family has kept dachshunds since I was a teen. Our fifth dachshund, Flash Gordon, joined our family as an eight-week-old puppy.

After five dachshunds, you would think we would be old hands - real pros - at handling any issue a dachshund could ever develop. Food guarding. Stubbornness. Super-smarts. Chronic ear infections. An intense primal craving to chase anything small and fluffy. Dislike of bath time and like (LOVE) of rolling in stinky stuff. Oh, and absolute mastery of "puppy dog eyes."

But right from the start, Flash seemed bound and determined to demonstrate how much more we have to learn about his species and his breed. And learn we have.....


However, we have had one advantage we didn't have with any of our other four dachshunds - my work as a professional animal communicator and Reiki Master practitioner. In many ways, it even feels like Flash is tailor-made to serve as a teaching animal not just for our family but for me personally. He knows I can hear him and understand him, and I'm teaching my mom (Flash's primary "person" and carer) to do the same.


So when Flash began to develop mystery health symptoms like gagging between meals and midnight vomiting, eating dirt and other non-food items, itchy paws and skin and distinct signs of emotional as well as physical imbalance, I broke out my full toolkit and went to work.


Recently I recorded a full vlogcast/podcast about how animal communication and energy healing has completely transformed Flash's life and our life together. If you have a pet with "mystery" symptoms or strange behaviors, please know this episode is created just for you with empathy and love.


Animal communication is love in action through conversation. While interspecies telepathic communication is an ancient art, relatively few modern humans really use it to better their pets' lives. Luckily, I am one of them. If you will allow me, I can help you and your beloved pet sort out misunderstandings, work through challenges, seek creative solutions and grow delightfully closer together in the process.


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