An Animal Communication Perspective on Sharing Our Planet with All Species

animal communication animal communicator lets talk to animals nature podcast pet podcast podcast vlogcast May 22, 2024
Let's Talk to Animals podcast

Welcome back to Season 5 of the Let's Talk to Animals podcast! 

I was tempted to title this episode "Whose Planet Is It, Anyway?" With fewer and fewer wild places remaining, sharing planet Earth with other species increasingly means sharing our urban spaces with wild birds, animals, insects and other species. 

These other species need the same basic resources we do - air, water, land. They need places to hunt and forage, meet mates, raise families, live their lives. This means your choices and actions can have a huge impact on the wild lives being lived all around you!

In this episode, we talk through vital points to consider:

  • Reframing concepts like "mine" and "yours" to consider the option of "ours."
  • Taking a hard look at terms like "invasive species," "pests," "bad: or "good" animals.
  • Rebalancing the taxonomic charts in light of our dependence on our artificial modern conveniences to meet our own basic survival needs.
  • Using our knowledge as empowerment to use the home spaces we control for the benefit of all species.
  • Remembering our own wild roots and using those as inspiration to share what we possess as equitably as we can.

Weigh in with your ideas and insights 🩷
I'd love to hear your ideas for how human animals can help and support other species to get their needs met as they live their lives alongside ours! Drop a comment or send me a message to share your insights. 

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