50 Science Supported Lesser Known Facts About Dogs

animal communication dogs Aug 17, 2022
50 Facts about Dogs

Dogs, dogs, dogs. The more we know about dogs, the more we want to know. And the more we do learn about humankind's best and most loyal friend, the more we seek to learn something fresh, something new. Animal communicator Shannon Cutts shares 50 science backed lesser known facts about dogs to delight all dog lovers.


Animal communication - interspecies communication - is still considered super weird and "woo" in many circles (although thankfully not in most of the ones I travel in these days).

But what does that even mean? Weird? Woo? The inference is that the work we do is not legitimate. Or valuable. Or even possible.

Luckily for the pets and caring pet parents I talk with every day, I stopped subscribing to the daily edition of "what other people think" many moons ago. In this work as in everything I value in life, I have discovered that the only thing that really matters is what I think.

And I think - I feel - I sense - I know - animal communication is real.

On a right-brain, gut/intuitive level, I quite simply feel it with every fiber of my being. (Kind of like how Einstein could feel the theory of relativity all around him long before he could quantify evidence for it it into numbers and words.)

On a left-brain, logical/analytical level, the evidence is in that we all have the same basic anatomy and equipment, regardless of how our temporary outer species "costume" may make it all look a little different.


So while yes, it was fun compiling these 50 science supported facts about dogs, I actually did it in service to a greater goal. Dogs and humans are so much more alike than different. And the ways we are different are both awe-inspiring and often quite complementary.


Dogs have demonstrated time and again that they can learn our language and USE it to talk with us. In this context, is it really such a stretch to imagine we can also learn how to communicate with dogs in their native tongue?





Which of these 50 scientific facts about dogs is your favorite?

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