5 Tips to Boost Your Pet Parent Intuition Fast

Jul 27, 2022
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Is intuition something every human animal has access to? Or is it just for certain "special" people who can talk to animals? How can you find out how intuitive you are for yourself and with your pet? Animal communication educator Shannon Cutts shares her five favorite tips to boost your pet parent intuition.


First things first: yes, you are intuitive. Yes, YOU. You are an intuitive being. So is your neighbor, and your best friend, and your partner, and your child, and your parent. All human animals are born with a fully intact intuitive channel.

But most human animals do very little to develop this channel.

This is why we often expect intuition to function like a big booming voice from the sky or an over-the-top viral-worthy experience. We are so tuned OUT from our own intuition that it has to basically scream at us to get our attention!

What would it feel like to have your own intuition whispering to you throughout the day? To feel guided from the moment you awake, all through the day and even in your dreams at night?


How might your stress level drop, your enjoyment of life improve, your confidence in caring for your interspecies family's needs increase, if you had continual access to your own intuitive wisdom?


Take a moment and ponder this. Truly. How WOULD your life change? Would it change? If yes, how much? What would change?


And if you are caring for a sick pet, an elderly pet, a pet making their end of life transition, a rescue pet, a traumatized pet, a highly sensitive pet, how might tapping into your own intuition improve their life quality, happiness and health as well?




Let's talk about that right now. Because you can do it right now. You can start tuning in, turning up the volume on your inner intuitive channel, tapping into its guidance, without really even skipping a beat in your day to day life.


How? Delighted you asked! :-)




"Oh boy. Yawn. 'Just' the breath again? Yes, I already know this."


So sayeth your intellectual knowledge-drenched mind.


Which knows it but (chances are good) isn't actually DOING it.


The thing is, your fight or flight survival system - the same system that kicks in anytime you are under stress - isn't wired to start taking deep, full belly breaths when something triggers it. It is wired to start pumping out toxic cortisol that readies you for fight, flight, or (most common today) freeze.


What turns off your fight or flight response? Deep belly breaths. If you have time to breathe deeply, the situation must not be as critical as your survival system assumed it to be. You have some time to tune in, listen, consult your intuitive wisdom, and THEN choose your next move.


That is why it is called "breathing room." When you give yourself some breathing room, even a split second of it, you break any old pattern from your past that is gearing up to run yet again and give your intuition a chance to redirect you towards something better, something new.




"Geez, really?!? Again with the bargain basic tips? I thought we were going to get something good by reading this blog post!"


And your mind gears up again, reminding you of all the coffee, tea, soda, sparkling water, kombucha, fruit juice, green smoothies.....


Water? What about plain water?


If you really stop and listen to your body, you will notice there is a difference between all those other liquids and pure water. Your cells receive it differently. Use it more fully. Appreciate it more. Need it more.


Most importantly for activating your intuitive pathways, well hydrated cells make better messengers. They have more energy and enthusiasm for their jobs. They are more accurate and timely about delivering their messages.


Hydration quite literally is the difference between having your intuition already activated and on call for you versus having an intuitive system that has to scramble and scrabble around to marshall its meager resources to assist you.




There is a thing in the scientific world "motivated perception." Simply translated, it means we see what we expect to see.....and not much else of what may truly be there to be seen.


This is why noticing is such a critical wake-up call to your intuitive pathways.


What do I mean by "noticing?"


I mean - noticing. Noticing everything that is there to be seen.


This is another great way to calm your fight or flight system down, by the way. My teacher Sonia Choquette teaches her students to breathe and then just start naming things they see around them out loud. "I see the window. I see the door. I see the plant. I see the ceiling fan."


The logic is sound - if you have time to stop and notice the details of your surroundings, you are probably not in as much danger as your survival system thinks you are. It is okay to calm down. Tune in. Notice some more.


Practicing noticing every day. When you go for walks or out for errands, when you come home again, when you are having trouble falling asleep, when you get bored. Notice five or ten things around you, and challenge yourself to really notice them, notice the details on or about them, notice as if you are seeing the thing for the first time.


4. MOVE.


I love the story of the poet Mary Oliver running across the field. Why was she running? Because she'd had an idea for a new poem drop in to her awareness. She was trying to get home to write it down before the poem got impatient and left to go find another poet who had a better memory or something handy to write on!


This story absolutely captures the vital importance of movement in our lives.


You will notice Mary wasn't at home, sitting at her writing desk, arm-wrestling writer's block.


Nope. She was moving. She was out enjoying nature, no doubt noticing this or that, moving her body, getting all her systems recalibrated - circulatory, lymph, breath, digestive - feeding her thinking mind with lots of fresh things to think about while feeding her body with fresh blood, oxygen and detoxification.

As a songwriter of many years, I cannot tell you how many song ideas have come to me when I was a) in the shower, b) out for walks, c) on a plane headed somewhere new.

Anytime you can keep your left hemisphere logical brain busy and distracted with something else, this is the optimal time for new fresh creative ideas to drop in through your right brain (this is also a neat trick to use when you are trying to learn animal communication, by the way!).


Feeling stuck? Stagnant? Sad? Stressed? MOVE. Turn on a song you can't resist and move. SING a song you can't resist and move. Go for a walk. Do yoga. Stretch. Take a walk in your backyard and notice things.




I wonder how I will end this blog post? I wonder when I will end this blog post? I wonder if my parrot Pearl will poop on my knee before or after I end this blog post? (spoiler alert: before.)


See what I just did? I just wondered about three things. And gave my thinking mind something fun to do. Now it is gearing up to wonder about much more.


I wonder who made the little sunshine stress ball sitting on my desk? I wonder how old that houseplant is? I wonder what kind of lightbulb is in this lamp? I wonder who invented ring lights.


It doesn't take much but I can feel my brain getting happier and happier. Minds are made to think. Trying to turn them off as a means to "turn up" our intuitive volume doesn't work. Why? Because you are yanking their job - their reason for being - away from them! That is totally stressful.


This is a variation on a theme, I realize (#4 was all about this too) but it is important because the thinking mind is either going to be our intuition's biggest obstacle or biggest ally. We get to choose which. How we relate to and work with our thoughts and the mind that thinks them will determine to a large degree how intuitive we are able to become.


Do you have a favorite intuitive tip I didn't mention? (There are many many more!) What helps you feel most intuitively connected to your life, the people and pets in it, so you can feel more supported and confident to make choices to nurture you and those you love?


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