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What if pet death isn't the end of your life together?

If you are grieving your soul pet and you can't imagine life without them....then DON'T.

Download this free guide instead.

  • Pet reincarnation 101
  • Tips to call your pet back to you
  • How animal communication fits in
  • Free supportive resources & tools
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 Why You Pick Me

  • Are you a "dog person?"
  • A cat lover?
  • All about the feathers?
  • A reptile fanatic?
  • Bunny-obsessed?
  • A pig-aholic?
  • Horse crazy?

Find out what your favorite pet species wants you to know. can have more than one favorite. But just for fun, start with your first favorite! :-)

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Decode the Highly Sensitive Pet

What is "high sensitivity?" Is it a trait? A quality? A condition?

We know people can be highly sensitive. But what about pets?

Let's find out!

This free HSPet Help Guide will help you better understand & care for your highly sensitive pet.

BONUS: Your HSP Pet Help Guide will include a special code for $25 off a session with me - a little gift from one HSPet parent to another.

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EFT Tapping for Pets & Their People

Our pets have the same basic "survival wiring" we do. So how can you tell if your pet is stuck in fight, flee or freeze?

You see the same repetitive responses no matter what you try.

Emotional freedom technique or EFT tapping is a fast, easy way to help your pet feel better.

Learn how to do a complete EFT tapping session with your pet in this 4-part video series. INCLUDES Tandem Tapping for Pets & People PLUS bonus printable handouts!

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Pet Love Languages for a Deeper Bond

Does your pet know you love them?

Sure, they do.

But knowing and showing are two very different (ahem) animals.

With a little help from this fast-paced, fun and free series, you can learn to say "I love you" in the way all companion animals crave yet few ever get to experience.

All you need is five free minutes per day to listen and learn.

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Animal Communication Camp

One of our most enduringly popular free tools - this is one no intuitive pet parent should be without!

Did you know you & your pet share certain key communication pathways in common?

Your pet is using these pathways all the time to try to send you messages.

Animal Communication Camp will help you begin learning to tune in so you can hear your pet!

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Intuitive YOU 

Are you intuitive? Whether you answered "yes," "no" or "I don't know," there is always (always!) more to learn when it comes to our pet parent intuition!

This free deep dive intuitive adventure has been lovingly crafted to help awaken you to your own inner intuitive self. 

When you become more aware of & attuned to your in-tuition, your inner teacher, you can navigate answering questions and making decisions about your pet with so much more confidence, ease & joy.

Join me - I can't wait to show you how!

Help me activate my intuition!

Your pet is your....  

Partner. Empathic friend. Teacher.

In this 3-part experiential video series, you will learn....

  • What your pet knows about your intuition that you don't!
  • How tuning in to your "animal self" will give your intuition a big BOOST.
  • Easy steps to answer pet parenting questions & create a deeper bond.

(p.s. you & your pet will love the companion pages that accompany each video lesson!)

Intuitive pet parenting is for me!

All of life starts with the breath.

So it's no surprise to hear that I believe your breath is the #1 intuitive tool for intuitive pet parenting & learning animal communication!

Practice along with me to learn several of my favorite breathing techniques for clearer communication.

Each breathwork method can help quiet the mind and allow you to listen with your intuitive senses.

Teach me about breathwork!