Intuitive Pet Parent Workshop

A free 3-part workshop series to increase your pet parenting confidence.

Have you ever found yourself....


  • Worrying about the same pet¬†problem¬†for days or weeks with no solution in sight?
  • Saying to¬†your pet "I wish I knew what you are trying to tell me!"
  • Feeling overwhelmed by trying to choose your pet's food, toys, even veterinarian?
  • Fearing you will miss the signs your pet is bored, lonely, in pain, or ready to cross?
  • Wishing you could feel confident you are¬†meeting all your pet's needs?


If this describes you

then you are in the right place.

I'm ready to start!


I created the Intuitive Pet Parent Workshop to support you to parent your pet with more ease, joy & confidence at every life stage.  

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Boosting your pet parent intuition can be a game-changer.

Trixie and I really enjoyed our sessions with you, I have noticed a change in her, she‚Äôs no longer having ‚Äúaccidents,‚ÄĚ ¬†she seems to be able to stand in front of me and relay her needs and concerns, she‚Äôs not as anxious and doesn‚Äôt mind being alone, her eating has improved! She still wants me to sit with her but is happy just to be in the same room with me. It‚Äôs so important to me that I can spend what‚Äôs left of her life making her happy and comfortable. Thanks so much Shannon for the opportunity to be a part of your group. ~ Deb Burke

Begin today!

This free 3-part workshop video series will....

  • Help you¬†identify when your intuition is working & begin tuning in.
  • Use empathy to¬†experience your pet's perspective of their daily life.
  • Harness your¬†awareness¬†to¬†add¬†joy & enrichment to your pet's life.
  • Support you to parent your pet with more ease, joy¬†& confidence.

This Intuitive Pet Parent Workshop Series is the start of a journey that can absolutely transform your daily life with your pet. 

Are you ready to begin?

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Included with your free 

Intuitive Pet Parent Workshop


  • 3 video¬†sessions with me
  • Fillable companion workbook
  • Apply¬†your new¬†tools instantly!


Are you & your pet IN??

We are in!