Intuitive Pet Parent Workshop

A free 3-part workshop series to increase your pet parenting confidence.

Have you ever found yourself....


  • Worrying about the same pet problem for days or weeks with no solution in sight?
  • Saying to your pet "I wish I knew what you are trying to tell me!"
  • Feeling overwhelmed by trying to choose your pet's food, toys, even veterinarian?
  • Fearing you will miss the signs your pet is bored, lonely, in pain, or ready to cross?
  • Wishing you could feel confident you are meeting all your pet's needs?


If this describes you

then you are in the right place.

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I created the Intuitive Pet Parent Workshop to support you to parent your pet with more ease, joy & confidence at every life stage.  

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This free 3-part workshop series will....

  • Help you identify when your intuition is working & begin tuning in.
  • Use empathy to experience your pet's perspective of their daily life.
  • Harness your awareness to add joy & enrichment to your pet's life.
  • Support you to parent your pet with more ease, joy & confidence.

This Intuitive Pet Parent Workshop Series is the start of a journey that can absolutely transform your daily life with your pet. 

Are you ready to begin?

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Included with your free 

Intuitive Pet Parent Workshop


  • 3 LIVE ZOOM sessions with me
  • Q&As with each session
  • Replays (if you can't attend live)
  • Fillable companion workbook
  • Apply your new tools instantly!


Are you & your pet IN??

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