Intuitive You

The free mini-course to ACTIVATE your pet parent intuition.

Step into your pet's world.

Activating and tuning in to your intuition is an essential tool in your pet parenting toolkit.  

  • Discover a trustworthy¬†& truly useful source of inner wisdom to help you care for your pet
  • Explore a variety of ways your intuition may send you messages from your pet
  • Rekindle your awareness of a¬†shared inner connection with all species
  • Deepen your understanding of your pet's rich inner¬†life
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I created Intuitive: You to help you and your pet connect where it matters most - on the inside.

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This free five-day mini-course will....

  • Help you¬†identify & use your¬†inner intuitive pathways¬†
  • Use empathy¬†to begin identifying these pathways in your pet as well
  • Harness the power of awareness to¬†change how you relate to pet problems
  • Support you to¬†feel more confident to trust & rely on your own inner wisdom when caring for your pet

Intuitive:You is the start of a journey that can absolutely transform your life with your pet. 

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Intuitive: You Includes

  • Stress-free self-paced format
  • 5 content-rich video lessons
  • Fillable companion workbook
  • Bonus supportive resources
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