Intuitive Animal Communication

Talk to your pet. Change their life. Transform your world together.

Animal communication

is a universal language ALL animals can access & use....including YOU, the human animal!

(Spoiler alert: you are probably using it already - I'm just going to teach you how to use it ON PURPOSE.)

Why learn animal communication?

  • Because you can.
  • Because your pet wants you to.
  • Because it will change your pet's life....and yours.

From the first moment I heard an animal speak to me, I knew this is a gift meant to be shared.

I have never felt more alive....and hopeful for our planet's future.

And my relationships with my personal pets....utterly transformed.


Perhaps you have a secret dream in your heart.

Like so many of my students, maybe you want to talk with....

  • Your own pet.
  • Shelter pets.
  • Wild animals.
  • Endangered species.
  • Zoo animals.
  • Other people's pets.

ALL of these dreams are within your reach. 

How do I know?

Because inside this program, I am going to teach you exactly how to do it....step by step.

What will you learn?

  • The exact 4-step method I use every day with my pet clients!
  • Experiential activities to open each intuitive pathway so you begin receiving different kinds of sensory messages right away
  • An amazingly simple method to ask questions so your pet understands
  • A start-to-finish flow template you can use for any animal communication conversation
  • How to do pet body scans to avoid confusion & enhance results
  • Practical methods to transform fear & doubt into inner clarity & confidence
  • Hands-on guidance and Q&A with a real-life working professional animal communicator 

What is included?

  • 6 weeks of LIVE guided animal communication practice sessions with me
  • Option to submit your personal pet to be a special guest during our live practice sessions
  • An online library packed full of rich & practical content to turbo-charge your success
  • Access to a SECRET students-only podcast!
  • Carefully curated bonus resources to set you up for long-term success (see below)
  • A friendly new community of inspiring fellow animal communicators
  • (Upon completion of live program component) Option to join my ongoing graduates-only live practice circle
  • LIFETIME access to ALL program materials - including updates & additions yet to come 

Plus....and this is a game-changer

You are invited to Bring Your Own Pet for a deeply personalized learning experience.

Your P.E.T. will serve as your chief....

Empathic friend &
Teacher you activate and develop your intuitive animal communication skills.

(You will not find this anywhere else - and past students tell me it is their favorite part of the learning journey!)

Why enroll right now?

I only offer the LIVE version of this immersive, interactive and deeply personalized program a few times each year.

So if you are seeing this, right now is a great time to enroll!

Charity Pallanes testimonial

Why learn animal communication? 

Miracles. That's why. 

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But what will you DO with what you learn? 

A few ways my students have used their new skills.....

  • Finally understand what your pet is trying to tell you!
  • Include your pet in important family decisions.
  • Ask your pet if they want an animal friend.
  • Be sure your pet likes their food & daily routine.
  • Verify a new pet is “the one” before adopting.
  • Tell your pet before you go on vacation.
  • Check in with your pet while you are out of town.
  • Learn about the soul contract you & your pet share.
  • Discover your pet’s end-of-life wishes & help them pass peacefully.
  • Find out what your pet needs to be healthy & happy.
  • Help friends understand their pets better.
  • Support rescue pets to find a new forever home.
  • Tangibly deepen your connection with your pets.

How much time will it really take me to learn?

This is a one-of-a-kind, meticulously curated course designed to deliver maximum results in a minimum time frame for the dedicated student.

 No filler, no fluff – just hands-on learning + real-time practice brought to you by a successful working professional animal communicator.




That's great but....

How much ACTUAL time do I need?

After our initial LIVE kick-off call together, you will be invited to attend one live animal communication practice session per week for 6 weeks.

You will also gain full access to the online program with its rich array of lessons, bonuses, extras & replays that you can enjoy at your own pace.

So if you plan to attend the live practice sessions (which is highly recommended!) a good guesstimate is 2-3 hours per week over the initial 6-week period.

However, you also get lifetime access to the program itself, which includes all live practice recordings and bonus materials PLUS all future updates and additions yet to come.

So there is no true weekly time pressure other than your own excitement to learn. 🤩


A super-affordable life-changing adventure.




CLICK HERE to save $97 when you pay in full!


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Did someone say bonuses?

~Yes, please!!~

 Meditation to deepen your intuition.

Animal communication is in part a focused form of meditation! Use this meditation to help you tune into your pet.

 Meditation to awaken your chakras.

Pets & people share the same basic energetic system, so it can really help to get to know yours better!

Full-color course guidebook (printable!)

A beautiful visual guide to support different learning styles and help you visualize the whole process as you learn.

Practice journal with flow prompts (printable!)

A practice journal to guide, encourage and nurture your personal growth & confidence as an animal communicator.

The Secret Podcast

Shannon answers questions only consistent, dedicated practice will bring up - a must-listen for the serious student!

Pet soul contracts! (coming soon)

Discover your soul contract with your pet and learn how to help other pet parents find their soul contract with their pets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you in??

You can do this.
You have my FULL support.
You have your PET's full support.
You have the full support of the planet & all species.


Meet your guide.

Shannon Cutts is an animal sensitive & intuitive, Reiki Master practitioner and animal communication teacher. She is also the founder & host for the Let's Talk to Animals podcast.

Most recently, her work in the field has been featured on Dog Mom Mentality, Covered In Pet Hair, Alternative Dog Moms, Believe In Dog,, Reiki News magazine, MIX 99.5FM, LibertyTalkFM, SoulSpeak & mega-pet site The Dodo.


A priceless pet adventure for a
super-affordable price!




CLICK HERE to save $97 when you pay in full!


Click to claim your seat in 2 easy payments

Learn, Upgrade & Elevate

For the serious student, I am offering two brand new options!

Join me for this singular Intuitive Animal Communication Adventure....PLUS....

+ 1:1 Mentoring (single session)


(single payment only)

  • Add a single 1:1 session with me
  • ONLY available at this special price during sign-up!

Savings of: $200


+ 1:1 Mentoring (4 sessions)


(single payment only)

  • Add four 1:1 sessions with me
  • ONLY available at this special price during sign-up!

Savings of: $400



We start soon....

Next live class begins March 11, 2024