Let me ask you a question.

What does it mean to parent your pet?

Is it about food? Toys? Pats? Walks? Vet care?

Or is there something else?

Something deeper to experience together?

Something you've been missing out on....until now?

That is what this 30-day journey is all about.

 We start January 2, 2024. 

Every day at 7am I will send you an email.

This email will include a short video + a prompt.

Each experiential lesson takes around 10 minutes.

Keep up with us daily or learn at your own pace.

Enjoy lifetime access after the 30 day journey ends.

Are you in??

Yes! Sign me up!

Oh, and it's free. Did I forget to mention that?

Why? Because modern pet parenting takes a village. A tribe.

And I'm oh-so-hopeful as we embark on this adventure together, you will want to stick around to be a part of mine. :-)

My pet & I are in - sign us up!

About your guide

Hi! I'm Shannon, animal sensitive & intuitive, Reiki Master practitioner and animal communication teacher.

Most importantly, I'm a pet parent myself and keen to help you dive deeper into your heart & soul connection with your PET, your Partner, Empathic friend & Teacher.

(my interspecies family clockwise from top left: Io box turtle, Petal cockatiel, Flash Gordon wire-haired dachshund & Malti redfoot tortoise.)